Day 1 – National Health Blog Post Month

So, this month is National Health Blog Post Month and I’m going to attempt to put out two posts a day for this month 🙂

The first assignment – “Why I write about my health”

I write about my health because I began my amazing journey 15 months ago by starting the Dukan Diet. I decided to post daily to hold myself accountable to myself, my family and friends and it has grown to so much more!

I’m most proud to say that I’ve maintained my weightloss within a 5 pound range for SIX MONTHS!!

Do you write about your health? If so, why?


Here’s a few pics of my amazing week I’m having…

Yoga on the beach, photo by the Amazing Mona


Halloween Day at work…


Me and Angie Z…


Me and BeBe…


16 thoughts on “Day 1 – National Health Blog Post Month

  1. We have a month? How exciting.

    Why do I blog about health? Because it’s the most important thing we have. It’s hard, though not impossible, to have a great life without good health. Plus blogging about it gives me the chance/excuse to do ‘healthy’ weird stuff like eat spiders or get buried in sand that I’d never do otherwise. And any time I get to try something new I’m happy.

  2. How adorable are you?! You look so so so happy!
    I do blog about trying to get healthy. . . .mostly because I feel like if I put it “out there”, it becomes more real. I’ve not been able to keep weight off since I was in college. Not coincidentally, I believe I was much more active in college. Hmmm.
    So, I blog about training for triathlons–and now you’re doing one with me! What an awesome thing this interwebby is!!!

  3. Looking good. I think I blog because it is a reminder to me that I need to keep at it…AND I have met all you fantastic ladies….Think September 2013!!!!!!!

  4. You are amazing. Looking great. As you know I don’t blog about myself. But will add since after losing 50 lbs 2 years ago I’m still maintaining my weight. I eat right and on a good day I walk.

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