Day 6 – National Health Blog Post Month

Today’s Topic: News-style post

Breaking News!!

You can eat and eat and eat and lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and lower your cholesterol! This is excellent news for people who like to eat real food!

No more berry pills, no more hCG shots or liquid, no more fasting, counting “points” or 500 kcal diets. REAL, clean, healthy food.

How is this? Well it’s been discovered that it isn’t meat and eggs that are bad for you. It’s wheat and other products with gluten. That wheat has a higher glycemic value than sugar! That it converts to glycogen in your body then stored as fat! Gasp!!! You get fat from wheat? How could this be!

We interviewed Sandi Blankenship, a woman that lost 111 pounds cutting wheat out of her diet. She said, “I couldn’t figure out why, after just losing 20 pounds, my knees weren’t hurting and my arthritis went away. Thankfully someone told me about Wheat Belly”. Ms. Blankenship has maintained this weight loss for 6 months.

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4 thoughts on “Day 6 – National Health Blog Post Month

  1. As the daughter of a wheat farmer, it feels terribly wrong of me to step away from wheat but my body tells me it’s the right thing to do. Funny, growing up, we had bread at EVERY meal (homemade with home grown wheat) …. but it’s a different wheat today than it was then.

    Great job Sandi-girl!

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