Dukan – Consolidation Day 93

I can’t believe how long I’ve already been in Consolidation! Day 93 of 500. Nearly a fifth of the way to Stabilization!

Today’s weight: 148 lb/67.1 kg
Goal weight: 155 lb/70.5 kg

I’m working in Guangzhou for 2 weeks and have the pleasure of having my friend Aisha who lives in Saudi Arabia here as a student midwife. It is so exciting! Yesterday we worked on blood drawing and placing IVs (I volunteered to let her practice on me, as did her husband) and today physical exams and other fun stuff. She’s also working with one of our doctors here.

I ran 5k the night before I came to Guangzhou and I’ve been speed walking 5k an evening here. Hoping to run in the morning. I’ve been having some insomnia this week, for some reason 😦

I’ve also been doing a 10 minute morning yoga routine with YOGAmazing on my iPad every morning and a 25-45 minute routine of my own nearly every evening.

And lastly… I just want to say that I think it’s awesome that food like this is on my diet. No magic pills, no artificial hormones and starvation, just damn good food 🙂

Breakfast: Bacon, red onions, garlic, shaved, organic Parmesan, green apple slices


Breakfast: Pork belly chunks, red onion, cilantro, curry, fried egg with mozzarella


Dinner: Beef steak chunks, red onions, red cabbage salad with cucumbers


Yum, yum, yum!

Ciao 😀