Dukan – Day 152 & 153

Thursday was a PV day and Friday was a PP day.

Weight loss: Thursday I was down 600 grams from the Monday weigh in, today I’m up 400 grams from the Monday weigh in. All in all not bad for traveling 34 hours, on 4 planes and 13 time zones and I’m still trying to get my body’s time straight.

I left Hangzhou Tuesday morning at 140 pm and arrived in Fort Lauderdale at 1140 am Wednesday. 4 long flights including landing in a snow storm in Seattle and an overnight in New York City.

Wednesday, dinner out with friends and an amazing chat and a chance to see one of the women who blessed me 11 years ago by allowing me to midwife her, and then to bed by 11, up at 432 a.m… And out the door for a nice 4+ mike walk in downtown Stuart with a friend who is also an early riser. Some shopping and lunch out with my daughter and son-in-law at Longhorn where I had steak salad, then off to Jammim’ Jensen to hang with my besties…. So nice to be with friends you’ve known your whole life!

Friday… Up at 447 a.m., I guess this is better than 432! Out the door and a walk over the lower and upper Roosevelt bridges. A one hour 10 minute walk and then coffee with a friend while watching the sunrise… My home town really is a great place to visit! You decide for yourself…

View of the new bridge while crossing the old one.


View to the east while crossing the new bridge for the 3rd time…


Coffee and sunrise…


Bacon and eggs for breakfast and then early matinee watched the movie Red Tails good movie. Lunch was sausage and onions and a few peppers and by the time dinner rolled around I was falling asleep on the couch, so ended up eating hard salami, which although no carbs has too much fat… What to do? I think I was sleeping at 900! A big shout out to my best friend Denise for letting me crash on her couch… You are the BEST xoxoxo Now off to start my day (I slept until 520!!!!!)


Quote of the day: Everything will be fine in the end, if it’s not, it’s not the end ~ Unknown