Dukan Diet Redo – Day 4 & 5 – PP/PV

I’ve had a busy first few days in Shanghai getting settled in, meeting new people, finding the grocery stores, etc. I am staying with friends of the couple I am here to assist and they are all lovely. On Wednesday I got to hang out with the awesome kids at Amy’s house and then came back to the flat I am staying in and met a pretty awesome 5 1/2 year old… she thought I came to Shanghai to be a “wife” for Amy, too stinkin’ cute.

Day 4 Food:
Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: salami (yes, I know that the fat is too high for Dukan, but it’s what was available, lol) and 2 ounces of low fat cheese
Dinner: Beef stir fry
Snack: FF Greek yogurt with flax seed
Water: 1300mL
Exercise: Walked around all day and didn’t calculate that, but did an intentional interval walk: 1.9 miles

View from the balcony of the flat I’m staying in. It’s been around 70 degrees and hazy since I got here Tuesday evening. The sun peeks through the haze every once in a while πŸ™‚

Thursday was Day 5:
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and a sausage link
Lunch: Iced coffee and FF Greek yogurt
Dinner: Cauliflower stir fried with ginger and spicy something!! Yum and some beef stir fry, as well. So yummy!
Snack: FF Greek yogurt
Water: 1500mL
Exercise: 2.2 interval walk + walking around all day.

I have my blue tooth keyboard hooked up to my iPad so typing is so much faster and easier!


It’s Friday afternoon here, just found out the Miami Heat lost to the Spurs… argh… they need to get it together!!! I’m off to explore the streets!


2 thoughts on “Dukan Diet Redo – Day 4 & 5 – PP/PV

  1. 1) I long to be in Shanghai with you…super cool city.
    2) Are those house ON water?
    3) I would STARVE eating the tiny amounts of food … how can you stand it? I’d be a raving angry lunatic by now.
    4) Yes, the sun peaks through the haze now and then. Each time I was in Shanghai, the sun made its glorious appearance for a few hours AS I WAS LEAVING!

    • 1. I would love to be in Shanghai again with you!
      2. Yes πŸ™‚
      3. I’m trying not to think about the hunger, lol. I drink a ton of water if I get hungry. But I’m going to the Blue Frog for dinner tonight for one of those amazing burgers!
      4. About an hour of sun late morning. I basked in it and got my fill of Vitamin D πŸ˜€

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