Dukan – Consolidation Days 328 & 329

The week is going well!
Wednesday is a workday in Delray… Commute of 70 miles. I listened to a couple running podcasts while driving for some inspiration.

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with ham. 700 mL water, coffee
Mid-morning: 500 mL water, coffee
Lunch: 1 boiled egg, chicken breast, 500 mL water
Afternoon: 20 Oz Coke Zero
Dinner: Eggs and bacon (Sydnie requested)
Evening Snack: FF Greek yogurt with Splenda and flaxseed meal
45 minute fast walk at 8 p,

Thursday a day off. Spent the morning at Panera’s and catching up with friends by phone. Spring cleaning of my apartment and finished a novel in the afternoon. Nice and relaxing.

Breakfast: Fried egg and bacon
Lunch: 3 slices roast beef and FF cottage cheese
Dinner: Pork shoulder steak and onion with curry powder… Yum
Snack: FF Greek yogurt with Splenda and flaxseed meal
Total water: 2 liters



I hope everyone is having a great day!!


Edited… Forgot the weights, lol
Wednesday: 169
Thursday: 168
Down 5 pounds from Sunday 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dukan – Consolidation Days 328 & 329

  1. We first “met” last spring when I went after Dukan and found your blog … I stayed with you, not just because of your incredible success, but because you’re the type of friend I wanted in my life — sincere, encouraging and honest. I’m no longer doing Dukan but you introduced me to “wheat belly” and wow — the difference in my life by eliminating wheat is only described as amazing. No joint pain, no low blood sugar issues, no shakiness, just energy and lbs melting off. Cheers to you my friend! 🙂


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