Dukan Diet – Consolidation Day 327 – Day 2 Attack

Had a pretty awesome day. On Tuesdays I work from home, so that I’m not commuting south 3 days a week. I did most of my work from Panero’s this morning. Lovely coffee, fast wifi and everyone leaves you alone.

I then had lunch with my pastor, Rick Evans. So refreshing to spend time with someone who practices what he preaches.

Then I did work from Dunkin’ Donuts (my wifi at home is slow as sludge!) and then picked up Sydnie, borrowed a bike rack from childhood friend, Natalie (who is also Rick’s wife) and then picked up my bike from my bestie, Denise! Good to see her and Loca, her shepherd,  who is on her 9th life… I thought she had died while I was in Australia, so what a surprise when she started “talking” to me. Then off to fill the tires… Now I can ride again. Yay!

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs
Lunch: Steak salad (so technically not attack, since I had approx. 1/2 cup greens)
Dinner: Stir fry – sausage with onions and garlic
Snack: FF greek yogurt with splenda and flaxseed meal

Tuesday morning weight: 172
Wednesday morning weight: 170 😀
I love Dukan 😉


9 thoughts on “Dukan Diet – Consolidation Day 327 – Day 2 Attack

  1. Wow, 2 pounds in one day?! You’re so good! We better get fully on the bandwagon! I’ve gotten back on the exercise bandwagon, but I just can’t get myself back into Attack or a full Cruise Phase. Ugh!

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