The Common Cold versus The Flu

So, it’s Tuesday, February 12 here in Australia. I’m here on work related business and the weather is perfect… More on that in the next post.

This post is about the Common Cold versus The Flu. I started getting “sinusy” on Friday night, FEBRUARY 1! I woke up Saturday morning with a full on sore throat and no voice, as discussed in the post about the sleepover at Momma’s. By Sunday morning, I was feeling even cruddier and praying this “flu” would go away before having to fly more than half way around the world!

By Monday I was back at work, a productive cough, feeling cruddy and still no voice and decided to look up info on “the flu” to see how long this crap was going to last and this was what I found…


I didn’t have the flu… Just The Common Cold and the previous 2 times since I’ve been back in the States, I also just had the Common Cold. And I believe that a lot of people who “think” they have the flu, just have the Common Cold. I am so glad I didn’t go get jabbed for nothing (I thank God I don’t have health insurance a lot, since it prevents me from unnecessary care!)

I took Tylenol Severe Cold. There are A MILLION choices out there…


And although its helped with the symptoms, I still have the Common Cold. It’s diminishing. Mostly fine throughout the day, crunky chest in the morning from sinusy stuff, I feel fine.

How has this cold season been to you? Have you had the Common Cold or the Flu? After reading the symptoms did you think you had one, when you really had the other?


22 thoughts on “The Common Cold versus The Flu

  1. I am on my 3rd go round with the “common” cold. I had one right before we visited with you in FL and another go round in dec/jan. I am tired of it!!

  2. ugh this flu season has been horrendous — and from what i hear, even if ya did get the shot its not for the strain that is kicking booty and taking names. i was down and out for over 3 weeks right after xmas and that is the sickest i have ever been in my whole life.
    no bueno!
    get better soon!

  3. I’ve had neither, thank you (so far). When I asked my regular physician a while back about getting the flu shot, they don’t really recommend it. At least not for people of my age and with no other health issues. So…I didn’t get it. Feel better, chica!

  4. Hi Sandy
    what a coincidence with your post. I am having the common cold ,w ith all the symptoms you mentioned in your table. i am taking Tylenol , antihestamines and in the morning had a hot drink of lemon with honey.
    So you are in Australia .whereabouts are you? You are really amazing hope all goes well with your trip. When ate you back in the states

  5. Hope you are feeling better. I had the flu! Was great as didnt have to go to work hahah!! If anything I think a cold is worse as you have to carry on even though you feel terrible. Have fun in Oz, where abouts are you? You are so lucky to be in the warm 🙂

  6. just getting over a really snotty cold. I normally just have a head cold and it all sits in my sinuses but this time I’ve been streaming. Only had one full day in bed though and then back to it. the flu jab was definitely worth getting – thank goodness for the NHS!

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