Travel – Our Paths Crossed Again

From my friend Mona’s blog… she’s becoming an awesome photographer and she captured our time together last weekend in Miami Beach…


In June, I spent a fascinating day wandering around Shanghai with a incredible woman I’d met through this blog  (Exploring Shanghai With Flamidwyfe).

I spent another day with Sandi, this time in Florida, USA. Last week, I participated in a workshop in on Miami Beach,  learning IB teaching methodology; Sandi, who had recently returned to the states after finishing her gig in China, joined me at the very comfortable (luxurious) resort. You must understand, however, that while Sandi was toasting her toes poolside, I was holed up in the nether regions below ground. Check out her blog entry. 

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7 thoughts on “Travel – Our Paths Crossed Again

  1. “becoming an awesome photographer…” I like that. THANKS. I’m slowly posting more; I figure that if I spread it out, I have enough for quite a few weeks.

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