Dukan – High School Skinny

I found this in my email tonight…


A high school friend pointed out on Facebook the other day that I weigh less now than high school… Not only is that a cool thing to say, but after thinking about it, it’s true πŸ˜€ When I became pregnant with my son at 17 I weighed 155, I was 146 this morning. I didn’t do it, however, with magic coffee beans, hormone shots or diet pills. I ate lots of good, wholesome food and never counted a single calorie πŸ™‚ Good food and exercise… The key to successful weight loss and keeping it off πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Dukan – High School Skinny

  1. Emails like that are insane! I get “cougar dating” offers all of the timeβ€”I’m 31! Not everyone wants to go back to where they once were! I agree that the quick-fixes are NOT the way to go with healthy living!

  2. ahhhh that elusive high school bod! If only I’d had the sense to appreciate what I had. I was about 125-130 strong gymnast/athlete – but felt like a huge cow b/c I was not 110# and long legged, nor blonde like my friend Linda who attracted boys like flies to compost. Youth, it’s wasted on the young. Hurray for you Sandi for doing it the right way!

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