Well, I’m home! Met by both daughters at the airport and so happy to be on home ground!

Its now 530 a.m. And I’ve been up for an hour… Readjusting back to U.S. time can be rough, but worth it!

My first day back was full of hugs and cuddles and phone calls and text messages and love. It feels awesome to know that I’m not getting back on a plane in a couple of weeks… I’m home 🙂

30 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thank you, ladies… I’m so glad to be home. Jet lag kicking my butt! Ran early yesterday morning, driving to NC this morning… will hike the mountains for 3 days, then back home… meeting with tri coach on Friday!!! woot!!!

  2. So glad you are are doing well. The time/jet lag can be so bothersome. A neighbor told me that “when you get older it takes longer to rest”. So if you feel more tired than you like remember that. Does not being on vacation and coming home to stay different in terms of energy??

  3. so glad you are back in the USA!! Now is time for your new adventure and for you to inspire me more!! Do remember you ARE coming to Midland Texas someday! For no other reason than to meet and stay with me! 😉

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