Dukan – One year anniversary

So this isn’t going to be the spectacularly huge post I promised 😦 I’ve had dodgy tummy for 2 days and I’m just not up to it. I think I drank some non-bottle water Sunday night and my normally iron stomach isn’t happy.

I did, however, go out with Rose and Jack yesterday for a spectacular touristy day, despite making a hundred trips to the bathroom! I’ll blog on that later in the week when I’m feeling better, as well.

I typed this up while riding the subway yesterday on the way to the Safari Park Zoo…

Wow! A year! A year since I took control of my life. A year where I changed my
body, my health, my job, moved countries, visited Thailand with friends, met the
most amazing friends in the blogosphere, found out who my true friends were,
learned to deal with resentment and regret, hosted a few expected and unexpected
people in my flat in China, cared for some extraordinary expats during their
pregnancies and birth, and realized finally that I CAN do anything and I’m

A year where I lost 111 pounds in under 10 months. A year where I learned to run
and improve my yoga. A year where i participated in my first 5K. A year where I
committed to do a triathlon to celebrate my 2nd year of rebirth. A summer where
I’ve maintained that weight loss!

A year of teaching water birth and international standards of care in China,
where at 5 hospitals women now have that option! A year where I decided it was
time to go home. Spend more time with my kids and grandkids, stay connected with
the birth community at home through eduction while developing my next career

A year where I went from this:


To this:


A year with ups and downs and all arounds!

A FANTABULOUS year! Thanks, so much, for sharing the journey with me xoxo


50 thoughts on “Dukan – One year anniversary

  1. What a year it’s been! 🙂 I feel privileged that you’ve let us share these moments with you Sandi. You have inspired me and helped me through some real challenges, my heart is full of gratitude, so I thought I’d let you know. Big hugs and hoping you feel better ASAP 😉 xoxo

  2. So delighted for you Sandi. I remember the start of that year: you pointed yourself forwards and never looked back. You’re an inspiration to anyone who’s stuck in a rut and believes that they ‘just can’t do it’. You have proved otherwise. Well done you.

    • Thanks, Sarah… Your “Put on your big girl panties” chat with me made me write everything down and started the ball rolling, so THANK YOU!! I still have the notes in my iPhone from that girls weekend at your house 🙂

  3. What a year!! Way to go Sandi. Amazing transformation inside and outside is not only possible but probable when we determine that we have had enough. I look forward to the continued unfolding, you are an amazing person and I think you’re just getting warmed up 😉

  4. Congratulations Sandi, you are inspiring and you look just fabulous! Hope you feel better very soon. You and your blog have kept me on track the last year, a huge THANK YOU to you xxx 🙂

    • Thanks, Meg! I’m feeling a tad better this evening. Walked to get Arabic food, as it’s my last dinner in Guangzhou, returning to Hangzhou. I’m glad I’ve helped keep you on track. It makes it all worth it to know that 🙂

  5. Can’t believe it’s been a year already…where has the time gone. You are completely a different person from where you were a year ago…and what a transformation 🙂

  6. And a year of inspiring me. Keep it up. You look awesome. If you pass through Baton Rouge, let me know. I’ll treat you to a Dukan friendly, Louisiana meal.

  7. You are FABULOUS and AMAZING!!! Don’t know how many people I’ve told about you but tend to come up a lot in my regular conversations. 🙂 Thanks, btw, for putting up the photo of you and I. Nice surprise. Hope your tummy feels better soon.

  8. Congrats Sissy I am so proud of you. We may not always get along but I always defend you and I always brag about you but don’t let that go to your head. Watching you go through this process has given me the courage and hope that I can do it also and I have not cheated or relapst and don’t intend to!!! I love you very much and again I am sooo proud and happy for you… XOXO

  9. Way to ‘let go’! You have succeeded where most can not, to realize you are responsible of where you are and where you will be. I have loved getting to watch your loss and gain!

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