Self Love Exercise – Part 5

From the Feel Good Tribe

#5 Start making a list of things you really want to do, but are slightly terrified about.

I wrote my Bucket List January 1 and updated it in April. It’s due for an update now, but it also needs a couple things added.

1. Start my diet and fitness business with the intention of it being huge. I have been working on the concept for several months with some wonderful friends, via emails and messaging. Between suggestions from several people close to me, we came up with a name on August 6 at 1212 pm 🙂
Stayed tuned for updates!

2. Successfully home school Sydnie for this school year. Her mom is doing it the first 4 weeks, but I’m involved even from so far away! I will take over the duties when I get home in 4 weeks and I’m super excited!!

I plan on updating my annual Bucket List later this week. Hoping my tummy troubles resolve soon, as I’m on Day 4 and exhausted from it! I’m on a train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong right now on a mandatory visa run, wishing my tummy felt better!


16 thoughts on “Self Love Exercise – Part 5

  1. You’re a formidable woman Sandi! WOW! What a great idea to use your experience to help others. Can’t wait for updates! Home schooling too! You’ll be busy, so just how you like it then. LOL. I’m seriously considering it for Amilee, or maybe I’m being overly protective based on my own experiences.
    Sorry you’re still feeling under the weather, can you take anything? Sometimes it’s just best to let things run their course 😦 xoxo

    • Homeschooling Syd is going to be challenging and fun 🙂
      I’m working out the kinks on the business, but will definitely post when it’s all together!
      I’m in Hong Kong right now, waiting on the train back to Guangzhou and feeling awful. I’m so trying to let it run it’s course! I got the same thing last November and it lasted 6 days 😦
      Swimming on your hols will go fine! Super excited for you xoxo

  2. Hurray Sandi what a great list. We’re back to homeschooling too after a one year hiatus. Throwing in two college courses to round out the whole thing. You are going to do terrific with your business!!

      • DD wanted to ‘see what school was all about’ last year for g7…so it was her first year of attending school. Like all things there were good and not so good parts. Partly she was not sufficiently challenged in g7 and when we requested she be put in g9 for the coming year (this one) they said she was too young ?! So, we are back to home schooling where we’ll do g9 and some college classes haaaha! She learned A LOT about institutional thinking (or lack thereof) and the constraints of dealing with a system that segregates by age alone.

  3. Sounds great, I really should make a bucket list…the unofficial one had Triathlon on it…check.
    I homeschooled my kids (all 4) from K-8th grade. Fifteen years total. Would not trade it for the world!!
    I could be your guinea pig for your business!!

    • We’re such a like-minded group!! I’m really looking forward to home-schooling Syd. She’s an awesome kid.
      I’ll talk to you about the guinea pig part once I’m home from China in four weeks 🙂

      • Wow that is so funny….in all the blogosphere here we are homeschooling tri folks meeting up! Do we have the coolest Universe or what!!?? DD did not think too much of her going to school experiment. Lots of wasted time and all that… How old is Sydnie Sandi? I have tons of hs stuff that’s actually in the car ready to pass along…If you need materials etc. I won’t pass just yet in case they’re useful to you.

  4. !!! Homeschool!! Your own bidness– Wow! So sorry about your stomach! Remember my issues with sucrolose/splenda- my read up’s found it was an accumulation thing, our bodies don’t absorb it well– If anything maybe remove it until you can flush what ever ‘bad’ got in you get’s out.

    • Good advise, Christy. I haven’t had any since Tuesday since I’m eating everything plain (until tonights dinner when I added some Italian herbs and salt). I’ll stay off of it for sure until myntummynis better… Thanks 🙂

  5. Your business idea sound fantastic! Good luck with home schooling, my best friend has done this for the last 3 years and has done an amazing job. Get better quick, horrible when you feel so unwell x

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