Self Love Exercise – Part 3

Write down a characteristic for 5 people you admire.

1. Hillary Clinton. I love her for many reasons, but my favorite characteristic is her ability to take a bad situation, deal with it and move on. Whether that is personally, professionally or politically.

2. Gandhi. His thinking was to not end violence with violence, but to solve the problem peacefully, get to the core of the issue. He never compromised on this.

3. Dalai Lama. His belief that all humans are intrinsically kind. To have that kind of faith is amazing!

4. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bravery and Courage. It took a lot of courage to stand in front of the crowd and deliver his “I Have A Dream” speech and many other speeches in the south. He bravely stated he would fight to the end, and he did. So I would also add honesty!

5. Margaret Sanger. Compassionate. Her compassion for others led her to fight for women’s reproductive rights and the right to birth control for six decades.

Who do you admire? What characteristic do you like the best about that person?

12 thoughts on “Self Love Exercise – Part 3

  1. I’ve always admired Bill Hicks. He was pure genius to me and championed the process of rational thought. I have to admit, when I saw the title “Self Love Exercise” I thought this would be an entirely different post:)

  2. Sandi, your list of inspiring people resonates deeply with my own. I would add Alice Paul to the list not only for her work on woman’s suffrage, but her uncanny amount of grit! Got a great chuckle from Sandy’s comment πŸ™‚ classic Double-Entendre!!! WP or my system is whack-a-doo today and I can’t like anything or get my reader/notifications to come up….had to go to my post in order to comment rather than dashboard… oh my!


  3. I liked your choices, Sandi, and that you included Margaret Sanger. I think her accomplishments are today now overlooked but what a difference she made in the lives of women.
    I would include my former highschool student, C.D., who had juvenile Huntington’s disease. One of C.D.’s many great qualities was Tenacity of Spirit. He fought to maintain the skills he was gradually losing. A memorable moment for me was a Field Day baseball game. Baseball was one of his favorite sports and one he used to play. After hitting the ball with the help of his paraprofessional, C.D. suddenly took off “running” to first base (we only expected him to try and hit the ball!). We could not believe that this was the same boy who most often needed a wheel chair to manage navigating the halls of our highschool. . . . C.D. was NOT going to give up playing . . . in baseball or in life!
    Great Post!

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing C.D.’s story, Sarah!

      A fact many over look about Sanger is that she began her life’s work, as a woman’s advocate, because the Irish ladies in NYC were overwhelmed with producing kids every 11 months (Irish twins) and she wanted to find a way to save them. She’s definitely one of my heros!

  4. You. You were the first person in my life (aside from Dan) that has taken me at face value and still loved me. You believed in me, encouraged me, laughed with me and genuinely felt my pain when I didn’t get what I wanted in life. Staring at your eyes during my delivery helped me to block out so much emotional pain. The love you showered on me at my lowest is something I will never forget. It was through you that I have truly understood what it means to have faith in myself and to extend the same grace to myself that I extend to others. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my short life, but none more important that the ones I’ve learned from you. I knew you a whole 5 months before I delivered and on that day, I felt like you had been with me my whole life. Nobody else holds such a special place in my heart. I love you Momma.

  5. I love your new picture on the mountain! Funny but I just realized I wasn’t “following” you blog?! Weird, because I was before…. YOu are so right about Hilary! Great post

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