Self Love Exercise – Part 3

Write down a characteristic for 5 people you admire.

1. Hillary Clinton. I love her for many reasons, but my favorite characteristic is her ability to take a bad situation, deal with it and move on. Whether that is personally, professionally or politically.

2. Gandhi. His thinking was to not end violence with violence, but to solve the problem peacefully, get to the core of the issue. He never compromised on this.

3. Dalai Lama. His belief that all humans are intrinsically kind. To have that kind of faith is amazing!

4. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bravery and Courage. It took a lot of courage to stand in front of the crowd and deliver his “I Have A Dream” speech and many other speeches in the south. He bravely stated he would fight to the end, and he did. So I would also add honesty!

5. Margaret Sanger. Compassionate. Her compassion for others led her to fight for women’s reproductive rights and the right to birth control for six decades.

Who do you admire? What characteristic do you like the best about that person?