Self Love Exercises

The Feel Good Tribe is an amazing blog I am following. A couple of days ago they posted 10 SELF LOVE EXERCISES TO BOOST YOUR SUMMER LOVINโ€™!

The first on the list is to write out 5 affirmations that you could really use in your life. I already do this. I write out 5 positive affirmations every Sunday and post them on my bathroom mirror. Here’s this weeks list. I’m staying in Guangzhou, so I have it stuck on the inside of the door leading out…


What affirmations do you use to get through your week, your run, your yoga, your LIFE?

18 thoughts on “Self Love Exercises

  1. “This is the way it should be” … I try to live by this and accept even the hard moments, when life throws everything it can into your way. But it’s a bitch! ๐Ÿ™‚

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