Self Love Exercises – Part 2

This is the second exercise from The Feel Good Tribe:

Think about 5 fantastic attributes you inherited from your parents. If you never knew your parents, or your relationship with them is an unhappy one, who influenced you? Make a list of 5 important things they taught you, that have impacted the way you live your life today.

My mom, dad, me and little sis.

Fantastic attributes inherited from my parents:

1. Unconditional love. I’ve always felt that from both of my parents. I’ve slipped, I’ve fallen, but they both always love(d) me for who I am.

2. Children should be seen AND heard. Some of my fondest moments growing up involved being part of adult conversations about politics, religion and current affairs in the States and the world. My favorite being the times my dad’s friend John Britto would come visit.

3. You can discipline with quiet words. I remember one spanking, just one. I was 6 and rode my bike to the zoo with my 7 yr old friend. My parents disciplined with words… And my mom with a raised eyebrow, LOL. Hearing my dad say he was disappointed was worse than any beating. My parents talked to us.

4. Be involved. My parents were involved in everything, girl scout leader, softball coach, Rainbow Girls, PTA. We stayed busy and we stayed out of trouble!

5. Give to others. We were just barely not poor. You know what I mean. But my parents were givers and this is the most important attribute I inherited from them. If someone needed shelter, they stayed with us. Your kid giving you trouble, they stayed with us. Need a shirt, we found one. My dad’s funeral was attended by many people we didn’t know. People who worked for him in the restaurant and sales business. Customers from those businesses, because he was a giver.

I say this all the time… I thank God for giving me Tom and Nancy for parents 🙂


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