Self Love Exercise – Part 5

From the Feel Good Tribe

#5 Start making a list of things you really want to do, but are slightly terrified about.

I wrote my Bucket List January 1 and updated it in April. It’s due for an update now, but it also needs a couple things added.

1. Start my diet and fitness business with the intention of it being huge. I have been working on the concept for several months with some wonderful friends, via emails and messaging. Between suggestions from several people close to me, we came up with a name on August 6 at 1212 pm 🙂
Stayed tuned for updates!

2. Successfully home school Sydnie for this school year. Her mom is doing it the first 4 weeks, but I’m involved even from so far away! I will take over the duties when I get home in 4 weeks and I’m super excited!!

I plan on updating my annual Bucket List later this week. Hoping my tummy troubles resolve soon, as I’m on Day 4 and exhausted from it! I’m on a train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong right now on a mandatory visa run, wishing my tummy felt better!


Self Love Exercises

The Feel Good Tribe is an amazing blog I am following. A couple of days ago they posted 10 SELF LOVE EXERCISES TO BOOST YOUR SUMMER LOVIN’!

The first on the list is to write out 5 affirmations that you could really use in your life. I already do this. I write out 5 positive affirmations every Sunday and post them on my bathroom mirror. Here’s this weeks list. I’m staying in Guangzhou, so I have it stuck on the inside of the door leading out…


What affirmations do you use to get through your week, your run, your yoga, your LIFE?