Dukan – Day 228 – Quick update

On iPhone, so quick update!

Daily weight loss: 0.2 lbs/0.10 kg
Total weight loss: 81.9 lbs/37.21 kg 32.10% of my body weight since August 20, 2011!

Going for plastic surgery consult tomorrow for a tummy tuck and liposuction of the legs. I’m excited and nervous, but happy the consult day is finally here!

Made a yummy chicken dinner tonight for Vivien and Romina, will post recipe tomorrow… Off to bed, WAY past my bedtime!


Parting shot: This is how you open a can of green chilis when you don’t have a can opener 🙂


18 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 228 – Quick update

  1. Fantastic!!
    By the way, desperate times call for desperate measures… We opened the wine yest with a screwdriver and hammer!! xoxoxox

  2. Hi Sandi, you look great, congratulations on losing 32.10% of your original weight- that’s amazing. Good luck with consult tomorrow. You need a can opener that knife looks dangerous:) x

  3. Be careful with that knife, you don’t want an accidental tummy tuck!! Great job, that is an amazing weight loss!!

    • Lol, I was being super careful for just that reason. I had thc can wedged in the box with a Starbucks cup to hold it still. I’m the biggest clitz in the world, but the recipe called for chilis 🙂

  4. Wow look at you in that photo… a real life skinny minnie!!! Check out your butt – or lack of! Your Doc will be so impressed with your weightless, I am sure the consult will be positive as you have done all the hard-yards losing 32.10% of your original body weight. That is REMARKABLE!

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