Dukan – Day 230 – Tummy Tuck consult

Thursday was a PV day because of travel 🙂

Daily weight loss: 1.5 lbs/0.70 kg I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I LOST THIS MUCH, but I ain’t complaining… More on that in a bit.
Total weight loss: 84.1 lb/38.21 kg AND SIX STONE (for my Brit friends) SIX!!
I have 5.94 pounds to reach Dr. Dukan’s True Weight for me… Which in August, when I faced losing 90 pounds, I thought impossible… WELL IT’S NOT! 😀
I have 15.94 pounds to reach what I think I should weight (155)… Which will be exactly 100 pounds less than I weighed on August 20, 2012… You do the math.

With all the weight loss, there are some extra bits here and there, although its not as bad as I thought it would be for someone my age (48). So Kitty (my Personal Assistant) and I traveled 4 hours by train to Wenzhou for a plastic surgery consult. Here we are at the train station…


Here’s Kitty drooling sleeping on my shoulder… The girl can sleep 23 hours a day and anywhere! It’s amazing…


First, I want to say that my hospital is paying for my surgery. My hospital and the hospital in Wenzhou are owned by the same company… My hospital is paying for it to (ready for this??) “make me more marketable”… Me? I was going to pay for it at some point, so it I’m good with that, LOL.

My requests:
1. Full abdomioplasty
2. Liposuction the (now teeny) bit of fat on my back
3. Liposuction above knees, inside knees, back of thighs and calves

My bosses request (the CEO):
1. Laser resurfacing of hands and face

The consult went well. The surgeon is 31 and has done 10 full abdomioplasty ops. He will be supervised and assisted by someone with 20 years experience. As crazy as it sounds, I like this guy. He was honest about his age and experience. He looks 14 🙂 Kitty said we should ask for a better doctor… Lol… I love that girl!


When he examined my abdomen he told me there was hardly any fat to lipo from there… You can imagine how that made me feel! He also said he would not do all of the above requests by me at the same time because of the risk of hypovolemia from too much liposuction (all the tummy fat is in my legs, lol!) I tried to goad him into it and he flat refused… I like that about him, as well.

So, what I’m getting done on April 30th:
1. Full abdomioplasty
2. Liposuction above knee and inside of knee
3. Liposuction the teeny bit of fat on back
And MAYBE (depending on fat loss and blood loss) a bit from the back of my thigh, he will decide at the time

The rest will be done later… I really hate my calves 😦 But I get the risks.

What I got done yesterday:
Round 1 of laser resurfacing of face and hands and lower arms.
The premise behind the laser resurfacing is to activate collagen below the skin. I’m going to post a close up pic of my face and tell you this… MY FACE LOOKS LIKE THIS FROM 25 YEARS of SMOKING… I haven’t smoked in nearly 7 years, and my face still looks like this…
MESSAGE: DON’T SMOKE and if you do… QUIT!


Now that I look at it, I really need to do something about those eyebrows!!!

Getting lasered was interesting… It heats up your skin, they use some gadget to check your skin temp, apparently 41C is optimal… Very little discomfort.



And then the 4 hour train ride back. Long day, worth it!

About the weight loss this week… I’ve been very surprised because I haven’t run. I haven’t even walked at night. I’ve walked the 1 mile to work and the 1 mile home from work, but that’s been it. I have gotten tons of water and my bran in… So I’m waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under me!

I’m going on a test run tonight… Will be cautious and not stupid. It’s dry and 70 and perfect. My knee doesn’t hurt when I walk, just when I try to sit… Bizarre! I’m using a compression brace on it and will continue to do so. I did some light weights at the gym this afternoon (3 reps of 15 at just 20 pounds) and that seemed fine, as long as I don’t bend it more than 90 degrees.

So, that’s my update. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


Dukan – Day 229

In very late from consult, so quickie update….

Wednesday was a PV Day 🙂

Daily weight loss: 0.7 lb/0.37 kg
Total weight loss: 82.5 lb/37.51 kg

1. The 160’s are very close!
2. Plastic surgery consult went well, full update in morning blog tomorrow 🙂
3. Sneak peek… Doc said I had very little fat to lipo from abdomen… I love him 😀
4. Didn’t get enough calories in today, but did take some food… Need to work on that better!

I’m off to bed, spent a total of 8 hours on high speed trains today!


Gorgeous old stone bridge contrasted against new buildings in background. Seen from train this morning.


Kitty and I at the train station…


Dukan – Day 228 – Quick update

On iPhone, so quick update!

Daily weight loss: 0.2 lbs/0.10 kg
Total weight loss: 81.9 lbs/37.21 kg 32.10% of my body weight since August 20, 2011!

Going for plastic surgery consult tomorrow for a tummy tuck and liposuction of the legs. I’m excited and nervous, but happy the consult day is finally here!

Made a yummy chicken dinner tonight for Vivien and Romina, will post recipe tomorrow… Off to bed, WAY past my bedtime!


Parting shot: This is how you open a can of green chilis when you don’t have a can opener 🙂