Dukan – Day 207 – Scales up!

Tuesday was a PV day.

Daily weight GAIN: 0.9 lb/0.40 kg
Total weight LOSS: 76.1 lb/34.61 kg

Well, after 4 days of a half pound weight loss each day, I’m up nearly a pound today. Not worried, it happens, but I did begin to question my own caloric intake and went to fatsecret.com and put in my food intake for Monday and it was quite low (less than 900 Kcal)… so I think I need to take my own advise and eat a little bit more!

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs, coffee, 500mL water
Lunch: 2 tea eggs, 700mL water
Snack: 1 tea egg, 500mL water
Dinner: Chinese restaurant… steamed fish w/ garlic and ginger, broccoli and a salad, that had yummy sesame oil dressing on it (and probably shouldn’t have had!) And a Coke Zero, my first in weeks!

No yogurt or bran in on Tuesday, although I probably could have used it, given I haven’t had a good poo in a few days 🙂 Not feeling constipated, at all, but a little “full” feeling.

Had a great walk/run, 3.21 miles, average 14:33 pace per mile, found out that I’m probably running a little too fast and need to learn to pace myself… as this may be the reason I’m getting winded so easily… will try that tonight.

I got a lot done at work today, created a comprehensive audit of the entire hospital system that will be done twice monthly and still waiting on 2 little babies to come earthside… Here babies, babies!!!


18 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 207 – Scales up!

  1. Wow, 76 pounds loss! Good for you. You’re right, nothing to worry about with the one pound gained…you’re doing so well…we could not have lasted nearly as long on Cruise as you have! You should write a book about your experience on Dukan!

    • Your recipes have helped me stay on Cruise this long! I guess a book would be easy since I’ve pretty much blogged daily… plus I’ve been keeping a separate journal 🙂

  2. I am almost relieved to see that you had an up day. Everyday I’ve been reading your blog and thinking how is the weight melting off of her so fast?!?!? You have really been in fat-burning mode. It’s amazing! Recently, I was stagnating and did two things that helped. I switched to the 5/5 alternating plan mentioned in the book (5 days of PP followed by 5 days of PV, wash, rinse, repeat). This really made a big difference. I went back to losing everyday. I find it especiallly helpful to be in a stretch of 5 PP days when my menstrual cycle begins. Also, I started drinking one glass per day of Dr. Dukan’s “Slimming Tea.” It is strong stuff!!! But it clears out the plumbing and gives me a feeling of lightness in my abdomen…which, of course, is lovely and a highly motivating feeling. I read your blog every night for motivation…and entertainment! Thank you for your time investment in your blog! Really helpful!!!

    • Hi Eileen! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I think that I lose practically everyday because I don’t sway from the diet at all. It really is an amazing program. And for some reason my body is doing it… I thank it all the time!

      Great suggestion to try the 5/5 alternating plan. If I stagnate, I will totally try that. There have been a few Dukaners that have been fighting the plateau right now.

      I’m in China, so getting Dr. Dukan’s stuff is a bit challenging 😦 I’m going to see if I can find some Senna Tea this evening and give that a try. I don’t feel like I “need” to go, because I think my body is using most of what I feed it to survive, so there is very little waste, but sometimes a good clean out is nice.. LOL

      Thanks for acknowledging my time investment… I started this for ME and for accountability and it has become so much more and that makes me very, very happy 😀

    • I agree with you… although, it may be from not enough calories… I’ll make sure I get my bran in today… you betcha! It’s very difficult to get FF yogurt (greek or otherwise) here in Hangzhou… I have to order it from Shanghai and they deliver on Thurs. and Sundays… So I’ve been putting the bran in egg white omelets at night.

  3. Not that you’re full of S**t, but yeah, I think you have too few calories plus too much exercise to actually ‘gain’ weight. Run that colon meridian, you’ll be fit as a fiddle on the ‘morrow. Even so, it stinks when the scale is a drag no matter the reason. xo

  4. Oh Sandi, it is always disappointing to see a blip on the scales, I speak from experience 🙂 But deep down inside we know it is just our bodies doing their survival thing…. you’ll lose it just as quick as you gained it.

    The problem with eating high level of protein is you don’t get as hungry so it is easy to find your total caloric intake quite low. I listened to an interesting podcast about lipids and cholesterol from Jimmy Moore: Ask the Low-Carb experts and the person he interviewed talked about there being no negative effect of eating multiple egg yolks each day in fact there is more chance of a positive effect – it is a podcast I found very interesting. I listen to them while running as I find I concentrate better on what they are saying if I am running rather than if I am lying in bed at night – I tend to drift to sleep. Checkout the podcast here: http://askthelowcarbexperts.libsyn.com/rss
    if you want to listen to it.

    • I’m going to download the podcast when I get home tonight… thanks, Mel! 🙂

      I totally don’t feel hungry and often, in the evenings, when I know I need to get my bran in, I just don’t feel like eating anything else! So I make myself eat the yogurt or the scrambled eggs.

      I listen to music while I run, but maybe a podcast would be nice!

  5. Do you midwifes have a baby dance? Like a rain one? LOL.

    That fish sounds delicious! Think you definitely need to eat more, its strange how people who could eat so much before Dukan can now forget to eat enough?!?!?!

    Its horrible to see a stay the same or increase especially when you are sticking so closely to the diet. Most days Im on a stay the same! Frustrating! But we know it works……

    I wonder why so many of us are having slow downs – I still think its because its getting warmer. I know that full feeling thing too, my digestive system definitely seems to be slowing down the warmer it gets – may have to start sucking ice cubes as good ole Dr. Dukan suggests!!!! xoxo

    • I’ve done the baby dance… and gave one of those babies a nice massage the other night and a little talkin’ to! They come when they want to, but it looks like my Shanghai for the weekend plans are out the window 😦 It’s worth it to catch a couple cute babies!

      The fish was good. The restaurant gets confused when you tell them you don’t want gravy… LOL.

      I think that the weather does effect us… with all the exercise I’m doing and the water I’m drinking I’m not worried that it’s been a few days. I might get worried after tomorrow, 😀 xoxo

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