Doing It Your Way

Every day, even here in China, I have at least one person tell me I’ve lost enough weight. Why is it that people can’t just let you be in regard to weight loss? I still have 12 pounds to be at Dr. Dukan’s very generous “True Weight” for me of 165 and 22 pounds to be at the 155 I set for myself.

My other favorite is people who tell me I shouldn’t be running… I’m going to tear up my knees… I got news for ya peeps… I’ve had 2 surgeries on the left and one on the right… I’ve got 2 screws in the upper part of my right tibia… I saw the orthopedist in January while I was home and he said my knees looked better than before! And encouraged me to keep running… he even said HE COULDN’T BELIEVE he was saying that… So I’m going to keep running, because it makes me feel good! 🙂

I feel so lucky to have the support from my family, friends and fellow bloggers. But there are a few people out there that have private messaged me (you know who you are…LOL) to tell me that enough’s enough. What the hell?

Do you have people in your life that try to derail you from accomplishing goals? Do you find that these are typically people that don’t achieve their goals and therefore aren’t happy to see others in their lives succeed?

Onward I go! Ciao!