Dukan – Day 189 – Shanghai with Kitty

Friday was a PV day.

Daily Weight Loss: +0.9 lb/+0.40 kg… a gain 😦
Total Weight Loss: 71.3 lb/32.41 kg

So here I was up early on my day off to go to Shanghai. My friend Lucy shipped some boxes here and I needed to go clear them with Customs. I know, I know, I’m a glutton for punishment!

Driver here right on time at 730 a.m…. grabbed a couple tea eggs and then off to pick up Kitty. Kitty is my personal assistant (at work) and accompanies me to deal with paperwork because I have little patience to deal with stupid people (read: people who don’t want to do their job) and she keeps me out of jail πŸ™‚ So here we are in the taxi, bright and early…

Hangzhou Taxi

It took us 45 minutes to get to the train station across twon here in Hangzhou (I might add that this is 3 minutes longer that it takes to get to Shanghai on the train 190 kms away!). Purchased tickets, got coffee and jumped on the train, as it was boarding when we purchased the tickets! Here we are in our 1st class seats. First class costs $5.71 more than 2nd class… worth every penny!

Kitty and Sandi

It took 42 minutes at 304 kph to get to Shanghai… I read my novel “The Wire In the Blood” by Val McDermid while Kitty napped… the girl can nap anywhere, at any time, it’s amazing!

Subway to our first destination and because Kitty is so amazingly efficient we got there without getting lost and she had all the paperwork ready, it was forthwith stamped (the Chinese stamp everything 457 times!!!) and money was exchanged and then we were cleared to go to customs.

But it was lunch time, so on to the subway to go to my favorite hamburger joint, The Blue Frog … woo hoo 2 times in 1 week! What a lucky girl I am. The server actually asked if I wanted what I had on Sunday and repeated it verbatim… am I really in China?!? I was pretty darn impressed, and yes, I wanted exactly what I had on Sunday πŸ™‚

Lunch at the Blue Frog

Kitty had a HUGE burger, which she deconstructed and ate with a fork and knife. She also tried ketchup for the first time… and liked it… poor girl is getting Americanized by me.

After lunch a quick stop off at the City Shop grocery to pick up fat free yogurt (can’t get it in Hangzhou anywhere, and the City Shop online delivery warehouse didn’t have any last week. I got 10!

Then off to the customs office where the lady didn’t want to do her job (no big surprise) and as I wound up to start running my mouth, my sweet, naive, soft-spoken Kitty says, “I’ve got this” and lays into the lady, with a sweet smile on her face, but an angry voice and the lady did her job. We were in and out of the Customs office in under 30 minutes.

Back to the train station by way of 3 different Lines and train headed back by 436 p.m… The sad part, it took 1 hour and 17 minutes to get to my flat from the train station.

Dinner was stir-fried steak chunks with onions, squash and garlic stems.

I’ll tell you where the 0.9 lbs came from… I had NO WATER, at all. I had 1 cup of coffee in the morning, 1 latte in the train station in the morning, 2 diet cokes with lunch (something I rarely drink anymore, and don’t miss to be honest), a latte at the Shanghai train station, and 2 cups of yellow label tea at home. NO WATER… it makes a huge difference. And I noticed my urine was concentrated last night… hmmm, do you think that could be from drinking no water!?!? πŸ˜€ I also didn’t get in my yogurt and bran. I had no appetite for it last night.

Exercise… Kitty and I walked up and down every single stair there was in the subway system. We didn’t take the escalators, even with my back pack full of yogurt and a few other groceries, I climbed the stairs. It felt great and accomplished… Kitty, ever the trooper, went along with it, but told me on the train that her legs were tired. Bless.

All in all a good day. Here’s one last pic… a family sculpture in Shanghai that we passed, and as my driver Jerry reminds me FAMILY = Father And Mother, I Love You… pretty cool, huh?



Quote of the day: β€œYou don’t always get what you wish for, you always get what you work for”

16 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 189 – Shanghai with Kitty

  1. I have found the same thing with my water intake! If I don’t get enough, I either not lose or gain…. You’d think that would be enough incentive to drink it constantly – but that doesn’t always happen. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Sandi sounds like you had a very productive busy day! Kitty sounds fab! I agree with the water, hard sometimes but worth it! Love the lovely sculpture of the family- beautiful. I reached two new goals today, i am now under 11 stone( first time in years), and am finally in the 60’s kilos! Next goal is loose 4 more lbs and then I’ve lost 3 stone. Little reachable goals work for me, helps keep me on track. Take care, Meg x

    • That is awesome, Meg!!! 11 stone 1 pound is my goal weight. Kitty is fab… she gets me through my days and keeps me in stitches with her cute quotes. Good luck with the next 4 pounds… they’ll melt off of you and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Loving the family sculpture! Beautiful. Glad you splashed out on 1st class! Not like last time, hehe. The way you go, you’ll have that weight gain off in no time at all! xoxo

    • Hi Sonia! LOL, on the splashed out… hehe. The only downside is that it breaks one of my resolutions for the year to travel more cheaply, but darnit, it’s less than $6 difference πŸ˜€
      Thanks for the encouragement… it’s so good to have it!

  4. Hi Sandi, We finally had snow here and I thought I would get to ski finally this season but then it began raining and everything became so heavy we lost power til this am! Besides skiing in the rain is pointless. I enjoyed getting caught up on your adventures. Having a personal assistant sounds great. I already have passports for the whole fam, since we were planning a trip to Italy with an elderly friend who has a villa there, but alas, she passed before our trip. Made some lovely photo’s of Gauguin paintings to post on the fridge as the Tahiti plan moves into slow gear. Today is first day on Cruise….had 2 eggs from my lovely hens and what a taste treat to add some mushrooms and a bit of onion:) Down .6# today, but the ups/downs ended up putting me .4# over the set goal of 156 to move to cruise. I decided to move to cruise anyhow, since staying on attack, while good for short term, felt daunting……really missed eating veggies! So for basically the next 2 months I get pp/pv days then onward. Thanks for the tea egg recipe, I look forward to trying it, with spring on the way we have a LOT of fresh eggs every day.
    Best, anna

    • Oh to have fresh eggs! Congrats on your .6 lb loss… woo hoo! Doesn’t it feel good to step on that scale and it tell you something good??
      So you’ve got the passports, you’ve got prints of paintings on the fridge and you’re slowing moving forward with your Tahiti plans… sounds like an awesome week πŸ™‚ Keep it in the forefront and make it happen!
      Thanks for checking in!

      • Yes a good week indeed, although skiing would have been a nice bonus. Just had lunch of shrimp and SALAD :)!! woweee SO very yummy w/ lemon squeeze and pepper. *anna day one cruise

      • Well, I got your snow! Woke up to a totally unexpected blanket on the ground and still going! It was forecast for SUN today, darn it! I imagine skiing is a great form of exercise and fun! I’d probably bust my bum! πŸ™‚
        Hope you get your skiing in! Shrimp and salad YUM!

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