7 thoughts on “Feelin’ Groovy

  1. I’m really proud of you Sissy. I love you and hope that now that I have quit smoking I can start to lose some of this weight.

    • Thanks, Nannette. I am SO proud of you for quitting smoking! You will be amazed at how easier it is to breathe 😀

      One step at a time, I say make it a goal to start losing weight a good 6 months after you’ve quit smoking. You don’t
      want to fall back on smoking to get your oral fixation. You’ll be able to do it 🙂

      Love you xoxoxo

  2. Love it! I can totally relate. And we’ve been cleaning out the closets. It feels great to get rid of “too big” clothes.

    • Closet cleaning rocks, doesn’t it?? I brought back to Florida a huge suitcase full of clothes that didn’t fit… now the rest I’ll put out the front of my building and hopefully someone will get some use out of them… not a lot of fat Chinese people for some reason! 🙂

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