Stop Quitting!


No truer words than these. There have been days during this journey where it would have been WAY easier to throw in the towel, but instead I stuck it out and persevered. The only good thing I ever quit, was smoking cigarettes… Quitting Dukan? Ain’t gonna happen…

Stop quitting!

8 thoughts on “Stop Quitting!

  1. What a nice simple concept! I love it. Congrats on your recent whoosh. Love that term. I agree with so many others who comment on your blog – you are inspiring. And I find you very real – well, as real as a blog can be – as well. Looking so forward to your continued success!

    • Thanks, Jen! I got the word whoosh from either Charlotte or Moonday, both Dukaners that I follow. I love the word, too. Also, I’m humbled that you and other find me inspiring. It helps keep me in line and makes me work harder to reach that goal!

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