Dukan – Day 138 – Walking this way

Thursday was a PP Day #3 of 4

Daily weight loss: 0.7 lb/0.3 kg
Total weight loss: 58.5 lb/26.61 kg

Thursday was a bit less thrilling than Wednesday, thank God! I started my day out with the 1 mile walk to work. Breakfast was 2 tea eggs, 500 mL water and a cup of coffee. I was then video taped by our marketing team for our 2012 promotional video 😀 I said my lines correctly the very first time and that seemed to please them!

Stayed at my desk for lunch and had a couple more tea eggs and a nice piece of beef jerky that Cathy brought me.

Afternoon was policy writing and taught a class on patient safety. I really love teaching!

Then a 6 mile walk to dinner, from work. Hot Pot was the dinner of the night. Because I’m doing 4 days of Pure Protein I stuck to the basics. I had beef, tofu and garlic… The restaurant didn’t have onions, if you can imagine!

Then the 5 mile walk home… It was actually quite nice and good exercise! All in all a pretty good day 🙂


Quote of the day: “I think the key is for women not to set any limits.”
— Martina Navratilova

Pic of the day: in a city garden in Hong Kong last week…


14 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 138 – Walking this way

  1. Your’re looking GREAT. Wish I could walk 5 miles. Just hope to get back to my 1 to 1 1/2 mile after surgery. Bought you green tea and lots of eggs. Few other things I thought you might use Can’t wait to see you. Just hope I will be home before you come up. Love mom

  2. You are looking AB FAB! Such a massive massive change from that first pic taken from behind you at that school reunion, you look like a completely different person!

    • You hot a point there, Moonday (just quoted you in a comment on another blog…) but I think she meant in regards to sports 🙂 interesting thought though, because we definitely need to set limits in manynaspects of our lives!

  3. Glad you are still in the groove, losing and losing. Doing well on food despite you are in the land of soy sauce. Love the picture. You should be so proud of yourself.

  4. Almost 60 lbs lost!! wow!! And I agree you are looking more and more faboulous in the pics you post! And I love the haircut! One question on your previous post… how do you get the baby’s head in that floating thingy? (dont know what its called in english) The baby looks so confy there floating!! I had never seen that before….

    • Hi SlimC! Thanks… And on the scale this morning I missed 60 pounds by .1 kg… So close!

      It takes two people to put the floaty on the baby, the midwife caring for the baby holds in a sitting position and it’s like a ring with opening at the back, then it has two belt like straps that snap. The babies LOVE it… They really open up, do turns in the water. Go to sleep, it’s awesome… I never saw it before coming here either.

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