Dukan – Consolidation Day 31 – Celebration Meal

Today was my first official Celebration Meal!

Daily Weight: 149
Goal Weight: 155

Started my day off right with a run through Sandy’s hilly neighborhood…



I then made a yummy omelet with onions and goat cheese Gouda and bacon for mom and I…


Then after catching up on emails and blogs I decided to go out for a drive in Hendersonville. Picked up a Dunkin Donuts coffee and rode around town while chatting on my cell to my peeps in Florida 🙂

I ended up at The Fresh Market and nearly cried with joy at the variety and choices and the fact that I could read the LABELS!!! Bought made to order Shashimi…. Yum! Then found my way back to Sandy’s house.

Diner at Mark & Eric’s. My first official Dukan Celebration Meal! It’s my first because I’ve been traveling and unable to make my own and I wanted it to be special, and it was! Mark made paella with scallops, chicken and pork… YUMMY!!! The picture does not do it any justice!


And Eric made goat cheese pudding… Good Lord have mercy, I can’t describe how amazing this was!! He put a few raspberries on top and served it with Godiva coffee… Mmmmm!


I got my doggie cuddles in with Sophie and Bella…