Dukan – Day 139 – Bye, Bye Lucy

Friday was a PP Day #4 of 4.

Daily weight loss: 1.3 lb/0.6 kg
Total weight loss: 59.9 lb/27.21 kg

Oh so close to 60!!! I’m very happy that the 4 days of Pure Protein kicked me back into gear. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times, this Dukan program WORKS, but only IF you stick to the program.

I received 3 private messages yesterday about my weight loss. 2 from fellow Dukaners and 1 from a friend asking how I have been able to stay on this program without venturing off the path, especially during the holidays. It’s simple… I set my mind to doing it and that is that. We ALL have willpower, it’s called CHOICE, and every minute of our days involves choice. The choice to be happy or not, the choice to make others happy or not, the choice to drink that glass of wine or smoke that cigarette or eat that carbohydrate laden donut… OR NOT. I choose not to.

When I quit smoking in 2005, I was at the Sydney airport getting ready to fly to Vanuatu on a medical mission trip for 29 days. In my backpack, 35 packs of Marlboro 100’s in the box. I was in the smoking lounge, chain smoking because I had a 5 hour flight and God forbid I go that long, and I kept counting the packs over and over and over again… Totally freaking out that I smoke 2 packs a day, but only have 35 packs… After the 5th or 6th time of counting the packs and worrying whether or not I should buy ANOTHER CARTON with my limited amount of money I had an epiphany and dumped the packs on the table and walked out. I never smoked again, ever! Even now, 6.5 years later I’m still shocked that I did it… It’s the same for food addiction.n

Early on, maybe even my first day, I found the web site of an amazing person named Charlotte, and her blog about the Dukan diet. She created a progress chart which I use religiously every morning to enter the days weight and get my stats.. It has been the most helpful tool! Additionally, she taught me Moonday’s Philosophy (a fellow Dukaner) who basically says: “I need to make one more comment today, about what we shall all henceforth know as Moonday’s Philosophy. In one of her comments on this blog, she was talking about self control. She said that she never regrets not having eaten something bad, after having resisted it. She never looks back and says “gee, I really should have eaten that cookie/icecream/crisps/pizza.” But by the same token, she finds (as we all do!) that we look back with regret on the things that we DID eat that we maybe shouldn’t have.

So when faced with the choice of eating the cookie or not eating the cookie, she asks, “will I regret not eating this cookie?” – not “will I regret eating this cookie?” This is super-powerful – instead of dwelling on the negative of having future-regret for present action, she dwells on the positive effect of present action. It’s also more powerful than “will I feel good about myself for having resisted?” because that kinda implies a lost opportunity. I find lost opportunities to binge eat really frustrating, if I’m honest. At least, I do at the time. But after the fact, I don’t regret having not binged, if that makes sense.” – this is quoted from Charlotte’s blog, but it is Moonday’s True That Philosophy!

So the bottom line is SELF CONTROL. I like what I see in the mirror… I still have 30 pounds to lose to reach Dr. Dukan’s true weight for me, but I’m 2/3 of the way there. I get my ass out of the house and WALK, that’s it… Sometimes I do the C25K, most times I don’t. It’s cold, I’d rather sit on the couch, chat on the computer and be wrapped up in a blanket, but that isn’t going to help me lose weight. Lucy and I met friends for hot pot dinner Thursday night. They ordered dumplings and some yummy looking mushrooms and other stuff that are totally not on a PP day… The dumplings looked divine… I didn’t eat them or the mushrooms. I got my own hot pot to dip my meats in and stuck to it. Tempting? Yes! Worth not seeing positive movement on the scale! NO! And what I really loved is that Robin went 2 blocks down the road to buy me a Coke Zero 😀 I love that I’m surrounded by people who aren’t trying to get me to eat their stuff 🙂 This same couple brought Dukan friendly cabbage stew for Christmas dinner, it was DELICIOUS!

Other things I’ve done to continue doing well on this program… I am “Following” 12 blogs of fellow Dukaners. Their ups and downs are inspiring. Most of them are “Following” my blog. The encouragement from their comments inspire me more than you can know. Kathy, a former Dukaner, gives the best advise! And comments from my friends and family help, too! My MOM is my biggest supporter… She rocks!

I also take the reading advise from fellow bloggers and the best book recommendation of this year so far has to be “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, MD. I downloaded the book based on the recommendation of w_w_angel, a fellow Dukaner who runs 90 minutes a day and still battles weight issues… But I think this book has the answer!

And most importantly… Being true to myself. This morning when I entered my weight and it said 59.9 I just wanted to say 60, but it’s not 60, it’s close, buts it’s 59.9. Being honest to ME is the best thing I can do for myself.

You CAN lose the weight. YOU can discover SELF CONTROL, you can DO THIS, you just have to REALLY want to. If you do, you’ll find the strength to JUST SAY NO, to throw out the crap in your cupboards (and don’t buy it for your kids, because it’s CRAP, and it isn’t good for them either! Fat parents breed fat kids, bottom line. My kids are overweight, I didn’t set a good example for them… Start now 🙂

I’m off my pedestal 😀


Quote of the day: “Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
—Eleanor Roosevelt

Pics of the day: I built a bookcase yesterday… Without instructions because they were in Cjinese, LOL… It appears i did it correctly 🙂




Edited late in the day… I named this post Bye, Bye Lucy for a reason… Lucy left in the afternoon and I was a mess! It’s so nice to have friends from all over the world… Especially ones that will come hang out for 5 weeks! I’m going to miss my friend… Fun times! Safe travels, Luc! See ya soon.