Dukan – Day 179 – Just Blogging Along

Tuesday was a PP Day.

Daily Weight Loss: Stayed the same.
Total Weight Loss: 67.1 lb/30.51 kg

It’s a new morning and although the sun isn’t shining (still)… I played the song “Here Comes The Sun” on the walk to work to cheer me up! I have heat lamps with UV lighting in my guest shower and spent a couple extra minutes basking in it this morning, as well 😀

Breakfast: Tea Eggs
Lunch: Steamed fish with onions and chili peppers and spicy spices!
Dinner: Stir fried sirloin with lots and lots and lots of Italian herbs on it and garlic stems.

Water: A little more than 2 Liters.

I wore my new Levis “skinny” jeans that Terri talked me into buying. I’m not use to wearing clothes that hug my body, but with the pinches and pokes I received today from the doctors (they’re all ladies) I think I pulled it off… LOL. It is very cool wearing “normal” sized clothes. I believe it was the late 80’s the last time I wore clothes smaller than size 16 (for those of you that aren’t from the States, size 16 is an 18 UK, and the first “big girl” size).

I taught a class today in the afternoon… International Patient Safety Goal #5: Reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections. It was well received and most of them paid attention. Challenging teaching people that don’t speak your language. I have to trust that my personal assistant Kitty is translating what I say. I do, for the most part.

I am still trying to get over the jet lag, I’m now able to stay awake to nearly 10 p.m. Woo hoo! I hope everyone is having an amazing day!


Quote of the day:

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

~ Buddha