Dukan – Day 2 Attack Phase

Well I found out a lot about myself these past 2 days… I really don’t like plain yogurt, I really, really don’t like non-fat plain yogurt, fromage frais tastes the same as non-fat plain yogurt, but… I can eat it if it means losing 7 pounds in 4 days!!!

Today’s menu included eggs, more eggs and even more eggs… LOL. It also included a oat bran pancake (Dukan gallette), Luc Lac Beef… which after marinating all night in garlic, fresh ginger, soy sauce and oyster sauce was DELISH! I had non-fat yogurt mixed in with the juices from the marinade and TONS of water.

Tonight I had 2 small sirloin steaks, stir fried in a teeny amt of vegetable oil and with onions and garlic thrown in at the last minute… I am STUFFED!

One thing I have noticed is that I am not having any upper abdominal bloating and discomfort since I am not consuming any gluten products. So, even though I’m stuffed, I’m not uncomfortable.

I consumed more than 1.5 liters of water today in addition to 2 diet cokes, a cup of coffee and a cup of Earl Gray tea. I can’t believe I’m actually drinking as much water as I am! It’s been tough for me to adhere to drinking water rules in the past, the result is hourly trips to the bathroom, but I realize this means I’m flushing bad stuff out!

So that’s the end of Day 2 of the Attack Phase of the Dukan program. I’m feeling great! Now I’m off for a nice 20 minute walk…