Dukan Dinner – Asparagus Pork

I’ve had a very creative and busy day… this makes 2 recipes in one day for me 🙂 I got the idea for this meal from A Hapa Couples Dukan Recipes specifically their Dukan Asparagus Chicken. But I had a big piece of pork in the fridge that needed to be cooked so I used that instead… I followed their recipe to the letter… Oh My was it GOOD!

Pork marinating and cut veggies.

Marinated meat simmering

Veggies cooking.

Instead of just asparagus, I added in 3/4 of a large onion and some garlic stems.

It was a fabulous dinner… it’s for PV (Protein/Veggie) days, Consolidation and Stabilization

I also had a nice long run in the 41F rain! And even after my C25K was done, I did 4 more reps of running/walking… just because… I’m really, really enjoying running.