Dukan – Emotional Eating


Emotional eating… Something most of us do at some point in our lives, but can easily get out of control. I emotional ate just now, for the first time since last August. It’s been an emotional few days. The 20th anniversary of my dads death, watching the first 11 episodes of Season 5 Grey’s Anatomy, topped off by my first headache in 11 months (I’m sure caused from crying… over both of the aforementioned things) and the cream on the cupcake? Hearing George Michael over the mall Muzak. Memories of my first birthday in Abu Dhabi flooded my memory. Oy!
So, I bought headache medicine (Bayer in the blue box), chased it with a double shot cafe latte and headed to the movie theater on the top floor and purchased a small container of popcorn. To make it even worse… It’s kettle corn! So sweet popcorn, yay!
It was good. I ain’t lying! And I feel better! Headache gone 🙂


Will I comfort feed again? Probably. Will I do it regularly? Nope. I love how I look and feel.

I will continue to eat good food, run 5 times a week and do yoga. I ran in Hong King yesterday morning, until a storm brought lightning! I love running in the rain, but not rain with lightning 🙂 Slow run since the ground was slick and I was being as careful as possible!


Want to end on a sweet note. My little baby from last week came in for a visit today…


Isn’t he a cutie?