It’s a Quickie

Just a quickie update… I’m doing well, maintaining my weight. Nick is on the mend after his frightening illness. I’m hoping to be back to regular blogging after next week.
Things that have made blogging difficult:
Having a 9 year live with me Monday-Friday… School ends next Friday so she’s back to her mommy full time then!
Commuting 70 miles ONE WAY to work 3 times a week. I leave home at 655 am and get home after 6 pm.
I know they are excuses, but I’m committing to be back on track June 3. I want to run again… The 9 year old refuses, lol.
Things I have been doing… Eating clean. Walking 3-4 times a week about 5 miles with a friend on the mornings I don’t commute. Lots of family time.
Here’s to a great week!
My mom (GiGi) and granddaughter Sofia. May 17. Mom turned 82 and Sofia turned 5.


Me and my 3 at the birthday party. Nick did the cooking at his restaurant and I have to say the Sea Bass was AMAZING!


Whata Week

Crazy week!
Started with a birthday party at a Greek restaurant in Palm Beach last Saturday. Food was yummy, the table dancing FUN!

The birthday girl is the hot mama in the shorts 🙂

I worked on Sunday, getting admin stuff done at the birth house. Then drove north to Stuart to spend the night.

Monday I picked up Tiffany early in the AM, dropped off Sydnie at school and drove back south for Tiffany to consult with an OB in Fort Lauderdale. My amazing youngest child had been carrying surrogate twins for 36+ weeks. Baby A, aka Jackson, had been flip flopping back and forth from head down to breech (butt down) for 6 weeks. The doc in Fort Lauderdale does vaginal breech deliveries. A BIG hug and shout out for Dr. Tsinker. One of the rare OBs in this country with the balls to deliver breeches and twins normally. Tiffany’s blood pressure has been elevated for a month now and Dr. Tsinker advised us to check in on Monday for monitoring of her B/P. She had some things to get done first and then around 3 pm, Tiff started having contractions on her own. And we headed in to the hospital. Long story short, Tiffany chose a c-section around 1030 pm. I am AMAZINGLY PROUD of her. What a difficult choice after having had 4 normal deliveries at home. Dr. Tsinker was so supportive, in fact asked her 3 times if she was sure she wanted the section. Wonderful doc. The boys were born at 1137 pm (Jackson) and 1139 pm (Colton). I got the ‘daddy bands’ so that I could have access to the nursery, since the parents were traveling from up north and I wanted to get everything on video and pics for them. ADORABLE babies. They are biologically Tiffany’s cousins, and Jackson looks just like her. Here she is with the boys…

I can’t even begin to tell you how proud and amazed I am by my daughter.
I was up all night with her in recovery and I left the hospital around 1 pm Tuesday and got a short nap at the birth house, before returning to support her.
The next couple of days are a blur….
Wednesday I worked with Allie and Kat at the birth house and spent the evening with Tiffany. Gave her still swollen feet and legs an hour long massage.
Thursday… I FINALLY moved onto my own place! I’m driving my daughter’s 1986 Honda Accord and it rocks! And it has lots of room for boxes!!

My son’s dad helped me move in, despite it being a holiday, and I’m happy to say that when you nurture relationships with your exes, they are still around 31 years later, willing to help you! Big HUGS and THANK YOU to Joe.. You’re awesome and I’m thankful for our friendship and our mutual love for our son.
Then off for turkey dinner at my friend Tammy’s house. We’ve just renewed our friendship and I’m very THANKFUL for that. I stuck to Dukan friendly foods and was full and happy when I climbed in my brand new bed last night!
Today I checked in on Tiffany and ended up taking 2 of my granddaughters with me for a few hours. Sydnie and Sofia are adorable. We went to the park, my new house, dipped our feet in the pool at my house and shopped at the Dollar Store. Here’s what Sofia picked out…

And now I’m at my daughter Jenni’s house typing up my post. My son-in-law is harassing me… Wanting to know how long I’m staying! He’s real scary with that pink bandage on his arm (he just got back from giving blood)…

So with that, I’ll finish this post off! Family Thanksgiving tomorrow at Tiffany’s! She bought a 25 pound turkey… She’s not cooking. We’re pampering her, she deserves it, she’s amazing, I’m one proud Momma 😀


Dukan – Day 104 – Hello 48!!!

Friday was a PV day.. Of which I’ve done too many in a row!

Daily weight loss: -0.6 lb/0.3 kg
Total weight loss: will post tomorrow when back with the spreadsheet.

Today it’s my birthday (Saturday) and I had a lovely celebration with my girlies here in Hong Kong!

Breakfast: Fat free Greek yogurt with bran and Splenda & 500 mL water & coffee with Splenda and skim milk.
Snack: Starbucks cafe latte, skinny (with skim milk) and Splenda… Lucy is a bad influence, will be glad to get back to Hangzhou where this isn’t easily bought!!

We took the subway to Central and then a 1 km uphill walk to get to the Victoria’s Peak tram station.


The view from up there is amazing!


After looking around we headed to the top floor and had lunch at Bubba Gumps!


And had a burger with no bun and a salad… 2nd time in two days, but hey… I can’t get a decent burger in China and it’s my birthday… Low carb, but not low fat! It was, however, yummy!


After lunch we took the tram back down and raced to the embassy to get Lucy & Ethel’s visas. Sadly, Ethel wasn’t approved 😦 We then headed back to Troy, the amazing travel agent, and booked her a flight to Manila. Lucy has decided the next time we’re in Hong Kong we’re going to a. Pop in and take a photo of said Troy for my blog and b. Ask him out for a drink 😀 Sounds like a plan!

We then headed back to the South Pacific for the girls to take a short nap (I never nap, I’m afraid I’ll miss something!). And then we got ready for my birthday dinner. I actually put on make-up (a bit of eye liner and mascara!) and that little black dress I’ve been talking about, with my black tights and black boots… Feelin’ groovy about turning 48!




Then off for the 1.5 mile walk to Ryan’s steakhouse for dinner. We had a great time! Where I ate another bacon, bleu cheese burger and a salad… Believe me, I’ve got my fill now 😀 Oh, and I had a glass of wine, which of course is not Dukan, but maybe my 4th alcohol drink this year, it was nice to relax with friends.


Lucy being cheeky…


Ethel being Ethel…


And they all sang Happy Birthday and the cake was my FAVORITE!! Carrot cake!


Do you think I had some?? Not a chance! Not worth the feeling of being bloated and YUCKY!


Then a hike back to the room. What a great night out with friends! I am SO excited to see what my 48th year has in store for me. Although the 47th was like a roller coaster, I rode the ride that was intended to get me where I am today. I can only imagine that 48 will be just as awesome a year!


Quote of the day:



Dukan – Day 103 – Goodbye 47!

Thursday was a PV day.

Daily weigh loss: 0.4 lb/0.2 kg
Total weight loss: ??? I don’t have my spreadsheet with me…

So, I usually blog in the morning about the day before, which I’m doing now. But, the title is appropriate for today 🙂 More on that at the end.

Woke up after 8 happy to be with friends in Hong Kong. I am amazingly grateful for my blessings of having a job that enables me to travel. And off we went in search of breakfast and passport photo booth for Lucy & Ethel so they could apply for their visas to visit China.

Quick walk to Times Square to find out the photo places open at 11, shuhada! We tuck into a busy little diner and order eggs and sausage. Just the right portion for me, but the girls were a bit concerned that I’ll be starving them 🙂 (Ethel just opened the bathroom door after her daily weigh in to let me know she lost 0.9 kg since yesterday morning… She’ll be a believer soon!)

We then got their pictures done and took a walk around city center. The whole city is decorated for Christmas and is beautiful…



Then off to the visa office at 2 pm.

Lucy & Ethel filling out forms…




Where, after over an hour we find out that Ethel needs more documents because she’s from the Philippines. She needs a return tix to Manila (which we were going to book in Hangzhou) and hotel voucher… What to do? We decided to hit up a sushi restaurant and figure it out. I was able to google map a travel agency 175 meters away, so after a hurried lunch we rushed over and got to the agency at 403 pm. Note that the embassy closes at 5 and if we didn’t get them documents before then Ethel & Lucy would have been stuck here until at least Monday, and Hong Kong is an expensive city to be stuck in!! I have to add here that we don’t realize how lucky we are to be from the Western world until we find friends who aren’t and realize it is much more difficult for them to travel as freely as I can.

Troy, the amazing travel agent (and not bad to look at either) got to work right away on the reservations while Lucy and I darted back downstairs in search of wireless so I could email him Ethel’s flight info to Hangzhou and he could print it for those pesky immigration people. Lucy says while we’re running back to the agency that she feels like we’re on The Amazing Race!

Troy got the tickets done in under 20 mi it’s!!! And then we started running the 3 blocks, which includes taking stairs up and crossing over the highway and then back down and arrive at the embassy at 441. They let us in! YAY! And we go right up to the desk we were at before. After a few tense moments the girl accepts Ethel’s papers and then states… “oh, because she is not applying from her home country, she is from the Philippines, AND this is her first time applying for a visa to China, she may not be approved… WTF!!?? Deep breaths… We smile, we thank, we’re told to come back Friday after 4 for the decision… We’re praying it all goes well, if not, we make other plans.

After that fiasco we trek back to the hotel, feeling a bit deflated, but trying to keep positive. The girls took a little rest, I read my emails and the other blogs I follow and then we got ready for the long hike to Ryan’s Chicago steakhouse. My favorite in this city. I had my standard bacon cheese burger and a house salad, no bun, no fries, of course!

Then a walk around the mall…


My jacket now zips and I’m very happy about that 😀



And then the long walk back to the hotel… Fabulous day!

Now for the “Friday” part… It’s Friday morning and my last day of being 47. It’s been a crazy, emotional, fun, nightmarish, amazing roller coaster of a year. I’ve had a few endings and a couple of awesome new beginnings. Life is very, very good and I absolutely can’t wait to see what adventures I’ll experience in my 48th year.

To my mommy… I know that today is a tough day for you, I’m sure daddy is smiling down on you, saying Happy Anniversary… Thanks to both of you for creating me.


Quote of the day: Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.