It’s a Quickie

Just a quickie update… I’m doing well, maintaining my weight. Nick is on the mend after his frightening illness. I’m hoping to be back to regular blogging after next week.
Things that have made blogging difficult:
Having a 9 year live with me Monday-Friday… School ends next Friday so she’s back to her mommy full time then!
Commuting 70 miles ONE WAY to work 3 times a week. I leave home at 655 am and get home after 6 pm.
I know they are excuses, but I’m committing to be back on track June 3. I want to run again… The 9 year old refuses, lol.
Things I have been doing… Eating clean. Walking 3-4 times a week about 5 miles with a friend on the mornings I don’t commute. Lots of family time.
Here’s to a great week!
My mom (GiGi) and granddaughter Sofia. May 17. Mom turned 82 and Sofia turned 5.


Me and my 3 at the birthday party. Nick did the cooking at his restaurant and I have to say the Sea Bass was AMAZING!


13 thoughts on “It’s a Quickie

  1. Hey stranger! Glad to read your blog again. I haven’t blogged in ages. Back in China, you’d think i’d have all the time in the world! YOu look fantastic and I feel motivated every time I see you!

    • Hey Maria! I know, busy, busy! How’s China? I’ve had thought about heading back myself. My replacement from last year isn’t going to renew. Won’t go anywhere until new grand baby is born in October though 🙂

      • come back to China! A little secret…. i’m not posting it on my blog, but am in thailand recovering from lipo! Just went back and read about your experience and yep. Been hit by a train, dropped from a 20 story building, run into a brick wall…..all are accurate. How you did what you did right after lipo is beyond me! They measure in cc’s here. Is that the same as ml’s? I had 1,900 cc’s removed. feel like big shit.

  2. I have missed you and am happy to hear that Nick is doing better. OUCH on the long long drive; I still think you are amazing with all that you accomplish, especially your commitment to healthy living.

  3. Sandi, I will contact you via email … and maybe Maria too? I need advice about using my phone for calls & texting to family back home while in China. The past two summers cost me a fortune.

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