Self Love Exercises – Part 8

From the Feel Good Tribe
8. Don’t be afraid to change direction if you realize something isn’t working out for you anymore.

Wow… this is a hard one for many of us. Often times we stay where we are because it’s just easier, or we feel committed, or we have kids, or or or.

I had to do this last year when I was MISERABLE in Al Ain working for a crazy person. I SO, SO, SO wanted to stay in the UAE and Abu Dhabi and I hung in there as long as I possibly could and I ate away my misery and put on 25 pounds in 6 months on my already obese frame. It was awful… comfort eating KFC chicken AND McD’s french fries EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. Food I actually rarely ate in the first place!

But sometimes you need to bite the bullet and make a change for the positive. There were a few midwives that I worked with in Abu Dhabi who were so miserable that no one wanted to be around them… they complained about work and their home life constantly (this was at my first job there, the one that I really loved). I said to one of them one day, “if you are so miserable, why do you stay?”… she is still there… going on 8 miserable years, away from her family and home country… odd.

I am making a HUGE change… going home after living abroad for 4 years AND changing vocations… from midwife to health and fitness focus. It’s a big step. A scary step, but I’m doing it unafraid, because I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!


A quote from a post a couple of years ago (warning, grab the tissues if you read the post!). The quote is from my dad, who came to me in a dream my first night walking the Camino de Santiago in 2010:
“Sandi, sometimes going right isn´t always the right way to go”. ~ Thomas Sandelier, II

Here’s a pic from that day:

Camino, Camino de Santiago, The Way

I would love to see how much easier it would be to do this walk without that extra 100 pounds!!! 🙂

What do you mean there are no addresses?

Argh! I’m on a war path this morning. Having a difficult morning at work and ordered food to be delivered from Chili’s at the Al Jimi Mall (yes, the same Chili’s that is in malls all over the U.S…. the orderly country I’m really missing this morning!). Anyway, we have NO ADDRESSES in this country. Yup… I know, I know… you’re saying, “What do you mean there are no addresses in your country”… but they really don’t have them.

All of your mail goes through a PO Box number that is assigned to your EMPLOYER.

So this is how the conversation went with Chili’s….
Me: Hi, I’d like to order food for delivery.
Them: OK, Mum (this is what the Filipinos call women), what would you like?
Me: A grilled chicken salad, dressing on side, no cheese.
Them: Great, Mum… what is your address.
Me: LAUGHING MY ASS OFF, SNORT, SNORT… breathe…. we don’t have addresses.
Them: Yeah, I know, Mum, I meant what is your location?
Me: Ah yes, my location… Cromwell Hospital, I am behind the Adnoc (gas station here), next to the Iranian mosque (there are hundreds, literally), just behind your  mall, about 3 blocks behind you.
Them: OK, Mum, I got it. Phone number? … I give it to them.

45 minutes later they call me, where you at? I tell them again, hold on, let me get someone who understands you, mum. OK… next guy, same thing, 3rd guy, what is your address? I LMAO once again… I say, somewhat sarcastically, how long have you lived here, you know we don’t have addresses! I give him explicit instructions, once again. Then… then… he says… WHAT IS YOUR PHONE NUMBER? What is my phone number??!?!?!?!? You CALLED ME! Argh !(*&$#(#(#&!!!

Anyway, food just came while writing this and of course, the Chicken Salad minus dairy products is wrong, so now I await the delivery and dream of a day that this 3rd world country with more money than they know what to do with, comes up with street addresses, so people could actually find you.



WordPress on iPhone!

Wow! It’s been a while since I blogged! Going thru the iPhone book and found out that WordPress has an app to blog from your iPhone! How convenient that would have been while walking the Camino.
I’ve moved this week from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain. A smaller, quieter town in the UAE. I’ve got a lively 3 bedroom villa with a garden. My mom is here visiting and has been a HUGE help with packing and unpacking.
I’m going to work at a brand new hospital as the head of maternity services. I’m very excited about the new adventure.
Well, that’s my quickie update! I hope the New Year will prove to be amazing for everyone!
Many Blessings,