Self Love Exercises – Part 8

From the Feel Good Tribe
8. Don’t be afraid to change direction if you realize something isn’t working out for you anymore.

Wow… this is a hard one for many of us. Often times we stay where we are because it’s just easier, or we feel committed, or we have kids, or or or.

I had to do this last year when I was MISERABLE in Al Ain working for a crazy person. I SO, SO, SO wanted to stay in the UAE and Abu Dhabi and I hung in there as long as I possibly could and I ate away my misery and put on 25 pounds in 6 months on my already obese frame. It was awful… comfort eating KFC chicken AND McD’s french fries EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. Food I actually rarely ate in the first place!

But sometimes you need to bite the bullet and make a change for the positive. There were a few midwives that I worked with in Abu Dhabi who were so miserable that no one wanted to be around them… they complained about work and their home life constantly (this was at my first job there, the one that I really loved). I said to one of them one day, “if you are so miserable, why do you stay?”… she is still there… going on 8 miserable years, away from her family and home country… odd.

I am making a HUGE change… going home after living abroad for 4 years AND changing vocations… from midwife to health and fitness focus. It’s a big step. A scary step, but I’m doing it unafraid, because I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!


A quote from a post a couple of years ago (warning, grab the tissues if you read the post!). The quote is from my dad, who came to me in a dream my first night walking the Camino de Santiago in 2010:
“Sandi, sometimes going right isn´t always the right way to go”. ~ Thomas Sandelier, II

Here’s a pic from that day:

Camino, Camino de Santiago, The Way

I would love to see how much easier it would be to do this walk without that extra 100 pounds!!! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Self Love Exercises – Part 8

  1. So timely for me today Sandi! As always……. No-one doubts you will succeed at whatever you set your mind to, I’m so excited for you! Have a great day xoxo

  2. I am so far behind on my posts but have to tell you that yours is the first one I wanted to read after being away.. It is not a surprise to me that you’re moving from one way of witnessing life changing events (births) to another (physical transformations through fitness and healthy eating). I think it’s time to tune up your speech-giving abilities, too, because you can couple the fitness work with motivational speaking. Oh yes you can!

    Loved your Dad’s wonderful quote … brilliant!

    Hugs, MJ

  3. My husbands cousin walked the Camino a couple of years ago, said it was fantastic!! Someday I would like to do that, or Hadrian’s Wall in England…

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  5. I read your post from May 2012 . . . and I did need tissues. I love that your father “visits” you and I love what wonderful advice he gave you. . . very touching.

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