Dukan – Cosolidation Day 333

Monday was a travel LOTS day 🙂

Drove the 70 miles to work after having a nice breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs with a half sauteed onion.
Angie took this pic of me… I need to get back out and run… thighs are looking a little thick!!

Work Monday 4/8/13

Work Monday 4/8/13

Lunch was 3 slices of rare roast beef… YUM! And a couple of cups of coffee.
Snack: 2 boiled eggs
I then raced north to get Sydnie from after school care and picked her up dinner then raced back south 35 miles to teach a class at a hospital. Had a great time meeting a few couples that are now more prepared to have a good birth experience!
Then the drive home at 9 p.m…. forgot to eat dinner!!! So I had a FF Greek yogurt with splenda and flax seed.
I then went out for a quick walk before bed.

Water intake: 2700 mL
Exercise: 25 minute walk 😦
Weight Friday: 168
Weight Monday: 167 Argh!

I did take a 6 mile bike ride along the ocean road on Sunday morning and it was glorious… perfect weather! Glad I’ve got the bike in working order.


5 thoughts on “Dukan – Cosolidation Day 333

  1. Oh my, what a busy day you had and you still managed to eat a strict Dukan diet! Great! That’s our weak point…when we get busy we try to pick healthier foods, but not always strict Dukan 😦

  2. You look healthy and well — I thought of you last night when I re-started C25K — I huffed and puffed but my body remembered. Laughing to myself I thought “That’s what Sandi would say” — cheers! MJ

      • you know it sister! I was up to week 7 (3x) then got sick at Christmas and it’s taken me till now to have time/desire to get back at it. Felt like Rocky afterwards though 😉 MJ Good for you for getting back at it 2!

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