Memories of Europe & Sea Salt

Yesterday morning I was grinding sea salt onto my breakfast and realized that my grinder was almost empty. I was flooded with the memories of the trip that brought that container of Spice Islands Sea Salt my way.

In the summer of 2009 (yes, nearly 4 years ago) I was living in Abu Dhabi and was meeting my son in Amsterdam for a 3 week EuroRail vacation. I asked him to bring a shaker of Spice Islands Sea Salt with him, since I couldn’t find it over seas… he brought 2 bottles…. This is what is left of bottle number 2:

Spice Islands Sea Salt

Spice Islands Sea Salt

It has reminded me of the amazing trip we had… so much fun traveling with my son… He’s so UNNEEDY and a foodie, so we ate well… here’s some pics…

Nick and me in Bruges.

Nick and me in Bruges.



I'm also reminded of how much weight I've lost :)

I’m also reminded of how much weight I’ve lost šŸ™‚

I think 2 bottles of Sea Salt in 4 years isn’t so bad… and the memories of how they got to me are awesome… Nick… mom needs another bottle of salt!


8 thoughts on “Memories of Europe & Sea Salt

  1. Hello beautiful Sandi! Look how you’ve changed since that time!!! What a delicious way to have a reminder of a grand trip with your son…every small turn of the grinder singing out the day you received it šŸ™‚

  2. Love the pic of you and Nick. He is more than a hottie. He4 is the most loving person I know (next to you). True love runs in this family.

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