Exercise – Hiking & Walking Adelaide

I am really enjoying my time in Adelaide. I’m staying with a lovely family, who are healthy and active and I’m eating good, fresh, organic food and getting tons of exercise!
I’ve met up with several people from MeetUp Adelaide and have done some amazing hikes in the mountains, beachside cliffs and national parks. Here are some stats and pictures…

Waterfall Gully up to Mount Lofty. Very steep!





Belair National Forest… Lots of Roos and koalas!!!




And yesterday a beachside cliff hike and swimming and a 90 minute reef snorkle (my calves are red!) and then another hike… Wonderful day and only one pic! LOL, my hiking companion took a ton of pictures so hopefully will have some to upload soon!


So, lots of exercise, good food and sunshine! I hope everyone out there is getting at least a 20 minute daily walk in! Get off the computer and go out now 🙂
Ciao! xoxo

10 thoughts on “Exercise – Hiking & Walking Adelaide

  1. No snow here. But did have a Robin pecking at frozen birdbath. Then he went walking across the Ice. Much warmer today. Liked the pictures.

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