Almost Heaven

What’s better than organic, nitrite free bacon and eggs for breakfast? This…

Bacon and eggs fried with leftover turkey skin from the organic bird I cooked two days ago. OMG GOOD!!

13 thoughts on “Almost Heaven

    • Katie – it was amazing! I put a little coconut oil in the pan after taking the bacon out and then laid the skin side down and turned the heat up for one minute. Crispy and oh so good!

  1. Every year at Thanksgiving we go to my brother and sister in law’s. Steve is the most amazing cook. He usually does two small turkeys on the grill, he brines it then has a special rub…the only time I eat the skin…oh and it is so good!!!!!

  2. mmmmmm! I had an egg for breakfast this morning. I used to eat them ALL the time, now I pretty much stick to multi-grain cheerios and a glass of chocolate milk (I eat my cheerios dry). 🙂

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