Self Love Exercise – Unstress Tonight

It’s important to take care of ourselves. REALLY important. I write this, while I’m sitting at the breakfast bar in my friend April’s house in the Bahamas. A stress free 4 days, that is turning into 6 days (couldn’t get on the morning flight today, I know, “poor me”). It’s been a nice, low stress 4 days. I’m taking care of ME.

Why don’t you Unstress Tonight by loving yourself? Taking 30 minutes for JUST YOU!

Take a book and some candles to the bathroom, light candles, draw hot bath, soak and read. Ahhh!
Sprinkle a little essential oil in the bath like lavender or clary sage (or both) and let the stress of the day, week, month, holidays melt away.

Or do a 30 minute light yoga with some stretching and meditation. Put on some easy music, block out the phone and spend 30 minutes taking care of YOU!

Or call someone you haven’t spoken to (SPOKEN… Not FB chatted) for a while and chat for 15 minutes or so. Keep it light or purge, that’s what friends are for. I did this twice in the past week. Once with Cathy and once with Janice.

Invest in yourself, LOVE yourself, give to yourself… You deserve it!


Me with Laila and Fiona at the Abaco, Bahamas Christmas Festival on Saturday, December 8, 2012. Moments before Laila reacted to being sprayed in the eye by silly string.


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