What A Week Part 2

So, this week made last week look like a walk in the park.

My amazing, selfless daughter has caused my cortisol levels to go through the roof!! Stress doesn’t even begin to describe the week this Momma Bear has had!

Tiff had us all to her house for turkey dinner on Saturday night, she rested and watched while others did all the work, and was on the mend, feeling great.

Monday was one week since the twins were born. I went over to her house to hang out with her and she had sudden onset of neck pain, followed by vomiting. Ten minutes later she couldn’t see anything but an aura and rainbow colors. I slapped a blood pressure monitor on her and her BP was 210/128!!!! Yes, you read that right. I took so slow, cleansing breaths and took it again… 208/126!! I called 911, fearful she’d have a pre-eclampsia seizure. The EMS came and swooped her up and took her to St. Lucie Medical Center, where the idiot ER doctor (Beatty) focused on the “crick in her neck” and not on the fact that she OBVIOUSLY had pre-eclampsia gave her BP meds and SENT HER HOME.

Her symptoms worsened and we took her to Broward General Hospital, where she birthed the twins last week (this hospital is a 90 minute drive from Tiffany’s home!! Three counties away!) The amazing Dr. Tsinker admitted her to the labor and delivery PACU, started magnesium sulphate IV and IV BP medications and monitored her continuously until her symptoms subsided last night around 9 pm and she was transferred to a regular room for the night. She was discharged home this morning. Her severe edema is gone and in the 12 days since the twins were born, she has lost 40 pounds!!! I’m sure 15 pounds of that has been the last few days, since the edema is practically gone.

So, Mondays have been a bit hectic this month! My darling Tiffany, my birthday is this Monday and I’d like it to be about ME, LOL… Because that means that you are healthy!!

My deepest and sincerest thanks to all of you that have had Tiffany in your thoughts and prayers. They were heard and she is better. I hope everyone has an amazing rest if the weekend… I’m vegging at the beach after church tomorrow!

Ciao 🙂

She’s gonna kill me for this… My sick baby…


My baby and her oldest, Sydnie Renae…


22 thoughts on “What A Week Part 2

  1. What a beautiful and amazing daughter you have, Sandi! Truly selfless! So glad Tiffany got the right care and is feeling better. I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

  2. Wow! What a ride … I am sure glad you were there and knew what to do — and insisted on righting the ship when the first Doc got it wrong. Way to trust your instincts, Mama Bear!

    Here’s a big Bear hug from one Mama Grizzly to another!

  3. Oh Sandi! This young woman is so blessed that 1) you are her mother and 2) you are back HOME! Your birthday? Yesterday (12/3) or next Monday (12/10). May this coming week be stress-free! (Does such a week exist in your world?) Love you!

  4. Just catching up on your posts, Sandi. Dang…what a scary moment for all. Glad you were there for Tiffany. You sound so happy! LOVE

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