Sandi 411

Many of the people in my life don’t ring up 411 for information, they ring up me. This has been going on since I was a kid and I love it.

Questions from this past week via text, phone call and Facebook:

Q: “I had to take an unexpected trip to TN, can I vote today”
A: “Nope” Sadly 😦

Q: “Might be a stupid question but if gluten free is it also wheat free?”
A: “Yep” … Which was followed up by an awesome 20 minute phone conversation, as we were both driving.
I’ll add here that there are no stupid questions, just unasked ones. And I’ll answer questions all day about the benefits of healthy eating, so being them on!!

Q: “What do you mean ‘search box under the start button’?”
A: Take a picture of your desktop screen and text it to me so I can better explain.”
Q: “Desktop screen?”

Q: “Been at a birth for 44+ hours, any suggestions for getting baby under the pubic bone?”
A: “Lie her flat on her back, knees to ears”
This one from a seasoned midwife and I feel so blessed she asked, and it worked! Social media has enabled us to support one another from all over the world… Sometimes all we need at a birth is a fresh set of hands πŸ™‚

Do your friends come to you for information and advise?


Information links that aren’t google… Check them out…
This was my first search engine site and the one that I go to the most, even more than google. Dogpile was around BEFORE google and I think the page with your search results is “cleaner”. I worked for chacha for awhile as one of their live search techs. If you absolutely can’t find it, a real person will help you!

Check them both out and let me know what you think πŸ™‚

Sandi 411

4 thoughts on “Sandi 411

  1. Dogpile is my absolute favorite– Plus I love the Dog antics each day on the page. I
    I am the info person,too. I am also a sympathetic ear, I discern and exhort well. People will bring their personal, struggles, sins, trials,failures to me, and I somehow can help them . BUT I find once they open those closets, many will ‘leave me’ after problem is resolved, because I ‘know too much’ about them. I hate that part of reaching out.

  2. you are not alone Sandi…i’m the local garden guru and sometime people I don’t even know call me up! It’s kind of like a public service I like to think πŸ˜‰

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