Strep Throat – Ugh!

Yuck! I’ve come down with strep throat and it ain’t fun! Started with a sore throat on Monday evening, but when I woke up on Tuesday I seemed fine. I took some Vitamin C before going to bed and then again in the morning.

Tuesday at noon I headed north to go to a meeting in Tallahassee (7.5 hour drive) and felt pretty good all day until around 700 p.m. just before I arrived in Tallahassee I started getting chills and felt warm 😦 It progressed on to a sore throat by the time I went to bed. I took MORE Vitamin C and had some tea.

Wednesday morning up early to go to the pre-meeting breakfast meeting with midwives and birth center administrators from around the state. Oh boy did my throat hurt! Had some tea with honey with breakfast and tried not to think of how many carbohydrates were in the friggin’ honey… sigh. By the time I got in the car at noon to drive back to south Florida I had a full on fever, chills, body aches and major sore throat 😦

Met my mom in Gainesville to pick up BeBe (she babysat her overnight)…

Doesn’t my mom look fantastic for 81?!?

And by the time I reached South Florida at 800 p.m. last night my throat was so sore I had to take Ibuprofen…

Not much better today… although I think the staff is happy that the boss has no voice! It was awfully quiet around here today. I’ve officially consumed a half bottle of honey 😦 Not getting on the scale for DAYS! πŸ˜€

How are all my friends in the North East U.S. doing with the second yucky storm in a week? Check in and let me know how y’all are doing!


32 thoughts on “Strep Throat – Ugh!

  1. Your Mom is 81? Holy hell! She looks great … sorry you’re sick.

    My remedy – (don’t cringe) Orange Juice and 7-up (equal parts) or Ginger Ale over ice

    Refreshing, a bit of nutrition and the bubbles make your throat feel better.


  2. Hot chamomile tea with lemon/honey? Nothing cures it. Just antibiotics and rest. Do it. So So So Sorry you’re sick. Welcome home, eh? Perhaps you let yourself get a bit run down? Hmmmm? SLOW DOWN!

    • Sipping hibiscus and mint tea with honey and lemon in it as I type. LOL… you’re probably right on about the run down bit… rental car has 2600 miles on it in 8 days!

      • Um. Yeah. . . you’re a health practitioner, right? YOU should know better πŸ™‚ If you don’t take care of yourself, who will, darlin’?

        Hey, I have a new motto: “Hunger is my friend!” So far that mantra is working really well! I’m staying low on my calories, far better than I have in the past. It’s amazing what impact words have on my brain–if they’re repeated. I guess I just needed a new mantra, eh?
        Thanks for being my inspiration.

  3. Antibiotic yet? Some things you may know, strep can be carried by our pets, so if get again pretty quick check Bebe. The only thing that kills it on dishes and such is bleach, throw a cup of bleach in your in your dishwasher, just because, all the time. Don’t reuse water bottles while with strep. Throw away toothbrush once a couple of days into antibiotic (get a new one though πŸ˜‰ , Drink lots and lots of water, ENT told Keith that after he was on his second round of strep, in a month, after just two days no change in RX K was getting better. Hope you are better soon!!

      • Try oil of oregano and baking soda on that toothbrush and try bolstering your hot honey/lemon with turmeric – a super antioxidant, used in India for cold & sore throat for centuries. Oh, and your honey is raw, right? It’s loaded with all kinds of good stuff (besides being anti bacterial, viral and fungal)
        Hope you’re feeling better.

      • Thanks, Deb… I did get some oil of oregano yesterday on a friends suggestion… but didn’t try it on the toothbrush, will do that this morning! Tumeric in the tea, I have some that I brought back with me from Abu Dhabi, need to find that… thanks for the tips!!

  4. Poor Momma. Strep is terrible. I don’t even know what I do when I have it. I know it includes lots of hot water and whining. 😦 Feel better. Love you!

  5. I always get strep throat. I dab a cotton swab in a tiny bit of Iodine and dab that on the sores I can see in the mirror (trying not to gag) and mine usually goes away really fast.

    Hope you feel better!

  6. Hi Sandy
    You look great i enjoy reading all the blogs
    Stll hanging in there in AL AIN ,not much news still the same
    i dreamt about you last night that you had a health center where people stay full board until they lose their weight
    You are so enthusiastic it is a amazing
    Your plastic surgeon done a good job on those arms
    Has he done lower neck lifts,face lifts wqhich he has pictures for. and what is his prices
    (of course he must,b ut would like to see before&after pics)
    Take care
    P.S your mom real looks great

    • Hi Nadia… My plastic surgeon has nearly 30 years experience. I’ll see if he has before and after pics online and let you know πŸ™‚
      When are you coming to Palm Beach???

  7. I’m three days late checking my mail. sorry to learn you have been so ill. Hope you are much better. All your friends have given you good advise. And yes, you do need to slow down. Much love. Mom ❀

  8. Came across this info the other day… You’re probably over your strep by now, but thought you might use it another time. Cheers, D.

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