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Delete Wheat with Christy Petty

Keith sent me this list from his work ‘Health Notes’.  There is so much we put in our bodies that just ain’t supposed to be there, other than wheat!  #1 Get the wheat out!! Once the wheat is out you can start to detox. If the gluten is in your body, you will not metabolize anything correctly.  Because you are not metabolizing correctly all of these scary foods are causing even MORE damage.

Eat fresh! Bake it yourself.

Ask yourself this; If it can sit on a grocery shelf for weeks and then in your pantry for more weeks with out decay, because of all the additives, what do you think those additives do to your body?

The PINK is ME comments

By David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding 

#1: Olestra:

A fat substitute synthesized by Procter & Gamble. Because human digestive enzymes can’t break down the big molecules, Olestra…

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  1. Luckily I already have pretty severe reactions to many of these. Yellow food coloring messes my mom up pretty badly too. I’d say stay away from ANY food coloring, eh? 🙂

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