Strep Throat – Ugh!

Yuck! I’ve come down with strep throat and it ain’t fun! Started with a sore throat on Monday evening, but when I woke up on Tuesday I seemed fine. I took some Vitamin C before going to bed and then again in the morning.

Tuesday at noon I headed north to go to a meeting in Tallahassee (7.5 hour drive) and felt pretty good all day until around 700 p.m. just before I arrived in Tallahassee I started getting chills and felt warm 😦 It progressed on to a sore throat by the time I went to bed. I took MORE Vitamin C and had some tea.

Wednesday morning up early to go to the pre-meeting breakfast meeting with midwives and birth center administrators from around the state. Oh boy did my throat hurt! Had some tea with honey with breakfast and tried not to think of how many carbohydrates were in the friggin’ honey… sigh. By the time I got in the car at noon to drive back to south Florida I had a full on fever, chills, body aches and major sore throat 😦

Met my mom in Gainesville to pick up BeBe (she babysat her overnight)…

Doesn’t my mom look fantastic for 81?!?

And by the time I reached South Florida at 800 p.m. last night my throat was so sore I had to take Ibuprofen…

Not much better today… although I think the staff is happy that the boss has no voice! It was awfully quiet around here today. I’ve officially consumed a half bottle of honey 😦 Not getting on the scale for DAYS! 😀

How are all my friends in the North East U.S. doing with the second yucky storm in a week? Check in and let me know how y’all are doing!