Travel – Life’s A Beach

Life really is wonderful. The way that things come together always seems amazing and miraculous to me!
My bloggy friend Mona is in Miami Beach for a conference and invited me for a night at the Eden Rock Hotel. I met Mona when she was in China this summer and now here. I love how blogging has introduced me to so many awesome people!
We went for a walk on the beach as the moon rose and I didn’t get a single picture, lol. Left the iPhone in the room. We had a lovely dinner beachside and I got this pic of the moon light glittering in the rough surf…
Then a long chat about all the taboo topics and then a wonderful nights sleep listening to the waves crash and the winds blowing in through the open slider.
Up before the sun and down to the beach…


Here comes the sun little darlin’…



And finally, it doesn’t matter how much crap life throws at you, sitting on the beach makes it all better!



28 thoughts on “Travel – Life’s A Beach

    • πŸ™‚ I’m sitting on the hotel balcony, sun kissed from the morning, winds blowing, curled up on a chaise watching my Miami Dolphins play football. It is all better!

    • We had rain and winds for a couple of days (Weds. evening through Saturday noon.) it’s beautifully cool here and the sky is an insane blue!
      I am also 5 minutes from the beach, but when you work, you don’t have the time to go hang out… I’m intentionally planning on spending an hour
      a week there!

  1. You got this up long before I did! Love the pic of me with the couple in the background. I’ve been busy cleaning up messes left by my students in my absence, but I’ve played with a lot of pics. Your sun salute that I sent you via email … care if I post it? More pics of you to come.

    I so thoroughly enjoyed our visit! I hope that our paths cross again.

    Love ya, sister … OK I could put on the persona: Love ya, Sistah!

  2. By the way, I want all of Sandi’s friends to know that while she was toasting her toes in the warm Miami Beach sun, I was holed away in the nether regions of the hotel resort, sans sun, studying new and improved ways to teach my freshmen. What’s your vote? Does Sandi owe me a mini-vacation?

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