Self Love Exercises – Part 9

From the Feel Good Tribe

Practice spending time alone. This is such a simple thing but so few of us really do it: just being alone, & being happy that way.

This is a tough one. It means no computer, no books, no music. Alone. I think one of the reasons we don’t like it is that we THINK and over think! But there is a way to not do that. When I sit alone I listen to the sounds around me and focus on them. Children playing, birds overhead, traffic noise and try to identify each sound… drinking in my surroundings. It brings an amazing level of calm and balance to me and I try to do this a few times a day, even if just for 5 minutes.

Some people meditate (and I do this sometimes, as well). I have downloaded several guided meditations on my iPhone and sometimes even listen to them when I’m running 🙂

Some people use alone time for prayer. And I do this at times, too. I think it depends on my mood and what I’m looking for out of this allotted alone time.


Do you set aside alone time? What do you do while you’re alone? Where is your favorite place to be alone?


8 thoughts on “Self Love Exercises – Part 9

  1. Its true we are not often truly “alone”. My little dog is most often my constant companion on nature walks. We both love to stop, listen, watch the sky and be glad for the world around us. When I am at the beach, I love to take at least one reflective walk by myself. . . so wonderful!

  2. You updated your picture! Yay! Looking good Mama. With two little people under foot all the time, when I do get time alone I spend it thinking about how I never get time alone, dreaming of the next time I’ll get 5 minutes to myself, etc. It’s not very relaxing. I do steal 5-10 minutes a day to take a crap and read a magazine though when the kids are occupied. It’s so sacred that they could sprinkle baking soda and pour syrup all over my freshly cleaned house and I wouldn’t give a hoo. As long as I can poop and read a trashy magazine.

  3. I need to practice truly alone time more…I like being outside, running is alone time…I used to take my ipod, but got out of the habit in the dark winter…wanted to be totally aware of my surroundings. Ran the other day with it and really did not like it…so I guess my alone time is when I am biking or running. Which if I think of it that way…I get a lot of alone time. It is also a great prayer time for me, ha! Like, Lord get me over this hill…but really, praying for friends, like you!!

    • Cindy, I guess I would say I do a lot of praying when I’m running, too 🙂 Thank you for having me in your prayers… You are in mine and I intentionally lit a nesting candle and said a prayer for your daughter last night after reading her post… She’s getting everything ready!

  4. Running is my true alone time. But I consider getting away with a good book is also alone time in my world. I love reading and getting away from daily chores (and the phone and laptop) with a good book is pretty great and relaxing.

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