Self Love Exercises – Part 9

From the Feel Good Tribe

Practice spending time alone. This is such a simple thing but so few of us really do it: just being alone, & being happy that way.

This is a tough one. It means no computer, no books, no music. Alone. I think one of the reasons we don’t like it is that we THINK and over think! But there is a way to not do that. When I sit alone I listen to the sounds around me and focus on them. Children playing, birds overhead, traffic noise and try to identify each sound… drinking in my surroundings. It brings an amazing level of calm and balance to me and I try to do this a few times a day, even if just for 5 minutes.

Some people meditate (and I do this sometimes, as well). I have downloaded several guided meditations on my iPhone and sometimes even listen to them when I’m running 🙂

Some people use alone time for prayer. And I do this at times, too. I think it depends on my mood and what I’m looking for out of this allotted alone time.


Do you set aside alone time? What do you do while you’re alone? Where is your favorite place to be alone?