31 Years

Thirty-one years ago today, I gave birth to my first child. I was a child myself… only 17 years old, a recent high school graduate.

On Friday, August 14, 1981 my dad took me to see my OB, Dr. Larry Holder. It was my due date and I fully expected to have my baby that day… LOL. He told me that most women didn’t have their baby on their due date (it’s statistically around 5%) and that after examining me, he thought it would be Monday or Tuesday, before I delivered. We left the doctor’s office at 1130. My dad dropped me off at my part-time job, a high end chocolate store, where I decorated humongous chocolate chip cookies and chocolate “records” for birthdays and other events. At 230 he came back to get me.

At 400 p.m., after watching General Hospital… LOL, sorry, I haven’t watched soaps in about 10 years, my dad declared me in labor. Labor? I’m not in labor! He told me that for about a half hour I would sit up every 5 minutes and rub my lower back. He called Dr. Holder and said we were coming into the office. <Insert me rolling my eyes at my know it all dad…> We got to the office at 445 and Dr. Holder examined me and I was 6 centimeters dilated! I have no idea how! I truly didn’t feel contractions. I walked the half block to the hospital, my dad not so happy that I was walking, and went to my mom’s office there. She worked in the Cashier’s Office at the hospital and stayed and chatted with her for a bit, then off to the coffee shop for a soda and donut 😀 I truly didn’t think there was any rush.

At around 545 the nurse came looking for me and took me upstairs. Nick was born, direct occiput posterior (face up instead of face down) at 626 p.m. All 7 lbs. 15 ounces of him. The only “pain” I had was the feeling that I was pooping a watermelon out… It was awesome (the lack of pain, not the watermelon part!). My mom, who brags incessantly about this, was the FIRST person to hold him. The doc handed him to my mom! My mom handed me the poloroid camera to take a picture of her holding him moments after birth, it’s pretty funny. I don’t have that picture to upload in this post. After the pic, she handed him right over to me.

Nick and I have been very lucky. Even though I never married Nick’s dad Joe, he always supported him. His family has, as well. Joe and I still have a good relationship. Which is awesome. My mom and dad were awesome in that, until I married the following year, they helped keep a roof over my baby’s head. I worked full-time and paid rent, but I couldn’t have done it without them. And they ADORED my little man 😀

Although I have a lot of fun memories, one of my best is that even when Nick was a bitty baby I would wake up to him smiling at me. I co-slept with my babies (meaning they slept in my bed with me) and even as young as 4 weeks, I would wake up and Nick would be staring at me with a grin on his face. His teachers used to say how precious that smile was… his smile is charming!

So, here’s some pics of my “boy”… he’s a man now… 31. I have NO idea where the time goes… At 48 I don’t feel old enough to have a 31 year old!!!

The day we brought Nick home. With my mom and dad.

Nick with his Pop-Pop and my Pop-Pop.

14 months old


Nick with Jenni 1984

Nick with his cousin Tommy

Nick with his dad and brother.

Me and Nick in Venice, Italy 2009

Nick, Tiffany, Me and Jenni – Jenni’s wedding weekend

Rockin’ the Tiara that his nieces made him wear at Jenni’s wedding reception 2009

Being “Unkie” Nick… with his nephews Shane and hours old Jose.

So, that’s my boy… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON… it’s been a wild, wacky and wonderful 31 years!









18 thoughts on “31 Years

  1. Beautiful birth story Sandi…poignant and special. Happy Birthday to Nick…and happy thoughts to the wonderful woman who birthed him!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Nick and to Mom!!! My son turns 32 this October…how can that be??? We are far too young to have such OLD children!!! LOL

  3. I hear y’all…my ‘little’ girl thirteen!!! what a thief this old man time… Now a man that can pull off a tiara has really got it goin’ on! It is so beautiful to hear your story of birth. My dd was also ‘sunny side up’ and trust me, I felt every single contraction for all three days of labor…yup 3. But I was an old prima at 36. Good for you to not feel it I say

  4. What a wonderful birth story…..made me smile this morning! Love that you slept with your babies, me too. Think it made my daughter more secure because of it, regardless of what my mother-in-law said. lol Happy birthday to Nick and to you too mama!

    • I slept with mine on a FULL WAVE WATERBED!! Gasp!!! Lots of flack from people (not my parents). I always felt safer with them near by. The crib made a perfect dresser for everyone’s clothes 🙂

  5. awww love this post… i still co-sleep with skylar who is 3 — never did with my boys past six months old… the bond she and i share is amazing and i attribute it to the co-sleeping!
    you have such a lovely family sandi!


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